22 July 2015

more on light and darkness

mjd - 2015 - you are home 
sterling silver offering bowl

we navigate
through light and darkness,

only to realize
with a heart tenderized by years

that both are necessary
to the experience

and that anywhere
you stand and breathe
is home. 

21 July 2015

on light and darkness

mjd - 2015 - on light and darkness

and dance.
trip and fall
get back up.

laugh and cry
and love.

always love. 

for while there will always be
light and darkness,
be careful in labeling it
'good' or 'bad'.

and be open. 

15 July 2015


mjd - 2015 - surrender - 
sterling with sleeping beauty turquoise & red coral

freedom is gained
in releasing.

life is change. 

our white-knuckled grip 
of clinging
to avoid that which is inevitable
brings great suffering.

our hands tire and ache.

mjd - 2015 - surrender

when finally we open them,
allowing our fingers to stretch,
we exhale 
and soften.

everything softens.

and in the act of surrender
we find the peace
we had been seeking
all along. 

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