10 December 2014

embrace the mystery

mjd - 2014 embrace the mystery

life is really about the mystery
isn't it? 

we aren't born with guidebooks
go to location a
meet person b
engage in activity c
life will be d.

it's unknown.
but somehow that word
that idea 
can terrify us.

we can stop our growth
by withdrawing
by looking away from opportunity.

can you imagine
a field full of stunted flowers -
too afraid to grow 
because they didn't know what 
was in store for them?
afraid that the winds would blow too hard
the sun might shine too bright
the rain might fall too cold?

how tragically sad.
but there are people
so many people
who do the same things 
to themselves. 

embrace the mystery - 
the mystery of your life
and what can happen
if you push past the fear
and say 'yes' 
instead of 'no'.

you'll become the flower
that fully blooms -
face to the sun
bathed by rain.
and when your time
comes to an end
you will know
that you experienced life
and what it had to offer. 


i find the irony is that instead of feeling better when we withdraw due to fear,
we only feel worse. there is a tension, a pulling, in the heart space. you don't feel better for your choices, you feel worse. for the heart knows what we are capable of and what we need. it is the mind that gets in the way. 

04 December 2014

small offerings

mjd - 2014 small offering bowl

offerings have a way 
of travelling. 

these came to me and 
the idea wouldn't leave.
so through my heart and hands
small offering bowls are now made - 

i often tremble 
when i begin,
the potential energy 
of body and spirit
coming to a readiness. 

as i stamp

these thoughts
words and ideas 
set out into the ether.

the ether 
that you inhabit
the ether
that holds the moon
the ether
that caresses blades of grass
as it moves past.

mjd  - 2014 small offering bowls

i have always found a deep sense of peace
when working with my hands. 

but this idea of small metal efforts
that are shaped like cupped hands
and have
been worked with 
not just fire
and steel
but love 
and peace

so that you might make an offering
to whatever is meaningful in your life 

and to take it wherever you need it


mjd - 2014 small shrine

your own little place
to find calm
and stillness.

mjd - 2014 small shrine mats

in metal
and textiles.

mjd - 2014 small offering bowl in pouch

the hammer marks
and stitches
evidence of moments.

the precious moments 
that make up our lives. 

26 October 2014

help a kindred spirit

the lovely solange came to me because her blog is currently down and she needs our help.

though currently living in france, solange and her family hail from africa. and some of them still live there. the ebola crisis is a horrifying one and after seeing a program on german tv last week, she wanted to find a way to do something positive.

her goal is to raise money to donate to doctors without borders/medicins sans frontiers so they may build a medical laboratory and treatment center in sierra leone. 

she will donate 10% of the sale of any beads in her etsy shop to the cause. a little background on the beads - they are beautiful and some are very old. some have been passed to her from her grandmother. in her culture, these beads are heirlooms to be treasured. 

one small gesture of kindness
and generosity
has the potential to grow into something much more. 

our words and actions 
are like seeds planted,
ripening in time and showing us
the impact of our choices. 

there are times when only action makes a difference.

in the end we are but a story.
thankfully we get to create much of the content
not as victims but as champions 
taking what life throws at us 
and using it to make us more than we could have ever imagined.

let's face it, 
we wouldn't necessarily walk into the fires
that we find ourselves overtaken with. 

these are moments of opportunity where we get to 
define ourselves.
while we may not choose the moments, 
we can certainly choose our response to them.

thank you for reading and considering if this resonates with you. 
our little planet faces many crises,
together we can ease some of the pain
and perhaps a bit of the struggle .

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