26 January 2017


mjdodd - simple truths - heal 2017

is warrior's work
but with all armor removed.

work for the brave
the trusting
the vulnerable.
to heal you have to give it all up - 
lay yourself bare
and step into what makes you

and while you may be supported,
the work is your own.

healing your wounds
brings strength

with healing,
your eyes look forward
your spine straightens
your gait becomes steady and sure.

wounds untended
weaken your body
your psyche
your heart.
herculean at times
though the effort may seem, 
liberation awaits.

i'll hold your hand
whisper encouragement
cheer you on,
but you alone
must heed the call.

the world is waiting for you
and your time here is unknown.
sweet, brave heart
enter the arena. 
it's time to become
all you were meant to be. 

13 January 2017

simple truths

'love' with rubellite

that all you need
to tend not just to your wounds
but those of others
is already within you. 

'heal' with labradorite

grow still
breathe deeply
sink into your depths
and expand into all. 

'be still' with indicolite

tap into the Love
and heal. 
use each word
each action
that comes from you 
to ease the pain of others. 

simple truths - mjd 2016
'be kind' with chrysoberyl

with that intention
yours too will gently
wash away. 

simple truths - mjd 2017
'release' with amethyst

simple truths - mjd 2017
'live' with carnelian

12 November 2016

and so we breathe and examine who we are -

safe space pins - for the light holder, 
love bringer and seeker of inner peace

this is how i begin to respond - by seeking ways to connect people, perhaps finding a way to tap into community and alleviate some pain. i saw that safety pins are being worn to signify that the wearer holds a safe space. this resonates deeply with me. as one who was sexually abused as a child, raped as a teen then ended up in abusive adult relationships - what was validated by much of our populace has left me feeling shaky - and much less than safe. i didn't use to talk about my past. but when one realizes how many people keep it tucked away in shame, in fear of not being believed, or worse, blamed, holding silence helps no one. 

this happens with or without an election - a desire for the feeling of safety and security runs deep in beings. when it is threatened, our world can feel out of kilter, threatening even.

so i will be making these pins - lovely little bulb pins from merchant and mills - with stones believed to have powerful metaphysical properties to support you - amethyst, garnet, moonstone and more. and will donate towards non-profits that are going to have their work cut out for them. 

wearing this small little pin, might put someone who is extremely currently anxious a bit at ease. it might allow us to look each other in the eye.

and while ultimately this should be so anyway, for those who have been on the ugly end of xenophobia, racism, misogyny, perhaps they might feel a bit safer in the world. even if they've just gone out to get groceries. 

a small bit of history on this - it began after the brexit decision in the uk. and represents that you stand beside those who are in the crosshairs. 

in terms of showing solidarity, it also has ties to the #illridewithyou movement in sydney. there, people offered to sit next to muslims who were feeling threatened during their commutes. this occurred following the rise in islamophobia following a terrorist attack.

while i know people here are wearing a simple, emptied safety pin - i thought it would be of benefit to both the supporter and supported to attach the minerals. 

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