01 May 2016

you are home

mjd - 2016 - 'you are home' mala
with offering bowl

there is no where else to go,
there is no one else to be,
you are home.

mjd - 2016 - 'you are home'

there is no map for finding yourself.
you are already an inextinguishable light.
know that all you need to find inner peace
exists within you. 

mjd - 2016 - 'you are home' mala
with offering bowl

i am home
i am home
i am home

spoken 108 times must surely bring you closer to believing. 

the bowl hits around belly button level - or in the area of the sacral chakra. the place of compassion, emotional stability. 'i am home' demonstrates a confidence, a comfort in your own skin that allows you to be honest and open. 

14 April 2016

3 breaths

mjd - 2016 - 3 breaths

in my young adulthood, i learned the practice of stopping during the day to take 3 deep breaths. inhaling through the nose to the count of 5 and exhaling through the mouth with slightly pursed lips to the count of 7 quickly showed me how shallowly i was breathing in my constricted, tension-filled chest. 

mjd - 2016 - 3 breaths

a deep sense of peace, awareness and grounding were immediately experienced and i found myself returned to the present with an awakened mind. to this day, i often notice that some of my senses are heightened for a bit afterwards. one of the greatest benefits (to my thinking) of having a practice that is grounding is how it can turn knee jerk reactions into thoughtful responses because you have been able to take a step back from your emotions instead of being engulfed by them. we all get triggered, but at least we can come at it from a more stable, less inflamed base. 

mjd - 2016 - 3 breaths

these are my interpretation of the tibetan buddhist 108 bead mala. in place of the guru bead, i have placed 3 markers (in copper, sterling or sterling and gold) to remind you of the breathing practice and to move you through it. the full piece is hand knotted to secure the 108 beads. 

02 April 2016

mjd - 2016 - amazonite & riverstone japa mala

with trembling voice
and shaking confidence
you question -
why am i here
what is my purpose
who can i touch
when do i begin 
how do i know?

mjd - 2016

the moment is now.
breathe deeply
open your heart
find your place
of stillness and power.
attend to the one you are with
let the love flow
and, most of all, 

mjd - 2016

the sky is big and blue and deep
the earth is solid at your feet
you belong 
to all that is.
stand within it
in grace and strength
and believe.

the truth you hold
is needed 
at each and every moment. 
chin up
shoulders square
heart soft
mind clear.
what you offer
is held by none other.
make the difference
that is yours alone to create.

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