22 June 2009

what i made of my gift

'life is a gift, and it offers us the privilege, opportunity and responsibility
to give something back by becoming more.'
- anthony robbins

mellisa at chinook designs asked for some help naming this glaze color in her blog... she liked my suggestion which was blue spruce and gave me this beautiful pendant! it was a gift - but i felt like a kid who had won a prize! this gift has given me the privilege, opportunity and responsibility to give back by helping it to become more!

i love the deep texture, line and natural motif that it possesses... i did not want to overwhelm the pendant but to enhance it... thinking about blue spruce, took me to large shade tree, took me to sanctuary... thinking of a summer breeze moving the large branches, butterflies fluttering & dragonflies buzzing brought me to movement... and so i dangled a single bead from pinocean off of its own chain behind the pendant... other than that, i chose only 3 more components... a perfectly colored blue/green spacer bead from linden avenue designs (that i had just received - perfect timing), a green porcelain bead and a vintaj filigree drop that reminded me of a pinecone... sounds so simple saying it, but it took a long time to figure it all out... i kept leaving the room and coming back just to look at it through the different stages...

'he who leaves the pine-tree, leaves his friend,
unnerves his strength, invites his end.'
- ralph waldo emerson

thanks mellisa for the opportunity to work with this piece! it was an honor...


  1. Beauty is simplicity at its finest...gorgeous work!

  2. hello marie :) i came here via rocki's blog. she wrote about you and your work ... i love the things you create ... i can feel so much hidden energy in them and there are subtle messages here and there. do you plan them such or (but i'm guessing) they just manifest themselves as you are working on them... becos it just feels so natural not forced.
    hugs and peace :) luthien

  3. thanks, sharon - i really do enjoy the challenge of paring things down...
    luthien, (i LOVE this middle - earth name!) while things do seem to come together in the end - and sometimes better than i had hoped - there is a general plan... i usually have to muse upon things before i sit down to work...i really do strive to infuse my work with symbolism and meaning... it's funny how you draw from your core without even realizing it... i can feel the energy of those who created the components, i use and try to build upon that... thank you so much for the very thoughtful comment...

  4. Marie! WOWZERS! Your work is inspiring!! My best friend just starting making earrings, and now I feel that connecting with you can be my gift to her in a sense, by showing her just how amazing the results of using a gift like this can be! I'm officially a fan!

    -Thanks for stopping by my blog. Oh, and yes, Marley was indeed named after Robert Nesta Marley, the great voice of unity from our hometown of Jamaica. Did you find any 3 little birds charms??

  5. execumama - i am a fan of yours too!
    no birds yet, but i am on a mission! that is a project i feel i need to complete... and now thinking that they need to be in a variety of media and colors to represent that unity...
    i love the warmth, humor and intelligence of your blog... and the humanity... i can relate to so much of what you say!
    thanks for the really nice comment... it means so much to me...

  6. You did a great job with the naming and what a sweet little prize! Congratulations Marie! Enjoy the day! Erin

  7. Beautiful! As if anything else? I just can't get enough of your kindness, good spirit, creative force and obviously others feel the same way.

    Blue Spruce is the color of one my accent walls in my home. Great minds...

  8. thanks erin - felt a bit like cheating because i have a large blue spruce in my backyard! but i just looked from the screen out my door and viola! it was so nice of her to send me the piece...
    thank you rocki - always... 'think alike', mmm hmm... :o)

  9. Stunning work, both the pendant and what you have designed with it. I love the color..blue spruce...brings thoughts of the cool northwest. Nice color, perfect name, lovely jewelry. Perfect!

  10. Really beautiful piece-- like a breath of fresh air. Could it be the spruce?

  11. love this piece! the pine cone element is really poetic and you really brought the focal point to life :)

  12. thanks so much - k.i.s.s. principle definitely applied, glad it achieved the desired effect! i just love the depth of the design in the pendant...

  13. Whew, finally home from my trip and now I can take a minute to truly appreciate what you did with the pendant! I love the necklace, the colors you chose and the woodsy feeling it gives me :) I'm so glad the pendant went to such a good home!

  14. thanks, mellisa - i am so glad it came to me too!


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