11 December 2009

'something good will happen to me today'

i read on a post somewhere in blogland that one should say this each morning... like a mantra... if you think about it logically, naturally it will come true... there are no surprises or miracles here... 
it's just a matter of seeing it! for surely, no matter what kind of day you have, something good does happen!
even on your most drawn out, dragged down day - something good happens... and if you cannot find it, then just remember - you helped the trees today just by breathing! you had a positive impact upon the environment and that is good for you... or in the craziness of the season with people as distracted as they are, you made it home safe and sound at the end of the day... at some point though, someone must have made you smile, or been kind... did they hold the door for you? did you hold the door for them?

'in the depths of winter i finally learned
there was in me an invincible summer.'
~ albert camus
'winterberries' was inspired by gorgeous silvered ivory glass by cindy gimbrone... it has been combined with copper, brass and sterling chain... like berries on a vine in winter, the headpins wrap around fibers and ribbon... a free form cluster hangs within a domed etched copper disc... 

'our life is composed greatly from dreams, 
from the unconscious,
and they must be brought into connection
with action.'
~ anais nin
'the interweaving' are textured, torched and colored copper woven with sterling wire around recycled banana fiber... i thought the purples were quite dreamy looking... i chose turquoise for its healing properties - and really, lapis seemed too obvious... i like the serenity of the green with the purples/pinks/blues... 

be on the lookout!
something good will happen to you today - 


  1. You are so very right!
    I think you manifest your own destiny and whatever you focus on will come to you. Maybe it is just having clarity and being able to see what was around you all the time. I am living proof of that.
    My signature quote is "Every day may not be good, but there is something good in every day". I actively seek out the "something good" in my day...but I also recognize it...like Davinia who I encouraged to post to the current Inspired by...beading challenge who emailed me to tell me that I inspired her to learn something new today. I told her that was my "something good"...and I would have to add that reading your words today (and every day, really) are part of my "something good" moments for today (and every day, really!). Thanks for sharing your inspiration, MJ!
    Enjoy the day!

  2. You are right - it's a great way to start the day. I feel so lucky to have what I have, and live in this country, and do what I love, and reminding ourselves is a good thing! Your pieces are beautiful too!

  3. as long as you believe in what you say .. it will come true. this is the power of the word and it's manifestation. the universe works in uncanny ways, it does somehow "listen" to you. yes... you are right is saying that even in the worst days, there are things to be thankful about. thank you for sharing your beautiful insights and creations that feed the soul :) you are truly an artist of depth and compassion.

  4. Something good has happened to me today...I woke up and read your blog! Yes, the power of intention is just that, powerful! My grandmother, a very devout Catholic, was ahead of her time. She was not versed in ancient Eastern mysticism but instinctively knew that good thoughts beget goodness and positive energy, and evil thoughts beget chaos in your life. She often told me this during the last years of her life and from her experiences and words of wisdom I gained invaluable advice.

    It's simple, really. Think good thoughts and they will manifest. Thank you Mary Jane for reminding us! Sometimes in the busyness of life we forget the simplest of mantras!

    PS Your art pieces are awesome! I love the calm colors and the positive energy!

  5. The goodness starts when we open our eyes each day!

    Your pieces are gorgeous and magical!

  6. beautiful MJ!! earrings are stunting!! metal and romantic, what a combo!! beautifuls!! (love the fibers!!)

  7. Beautiful words and beautiful creations Marie Jane, thank you to share them with us.

  8. Hi Mary Jane,

    Something good happened to me - you made this lovely necklace with my beads! I'm proud to see them in such a beautiful piece!

    Here's a bit of info you didn't know, the Camus quote used to hang on a my wall as a teen. I remember reading it regularly to fortify my teen self. The words still strike me profoundly. When I saw those words paired with this piece, I thought how perfect - it fits.

    Thank you for being my something good today and creating a piece evocative of some part of me (without knowing it) - thank you!



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