07 March 2010


'there is no way to peace.
peace is the way.'
~ a.j. muste

i love when things come together... another piece centered around fragile strength...

and after a few days of prep for resin and with a bit of assistance (the assistant found the work lamp and fell asleep in the warmth)

'you can't look at a sleeping cat and be tense.'
~ jane pauley

well, yes and no... normally i would agree wholeheartedly, but when you have resin curing beneath said fur baby, it adds a slight complication... luckily, everything had set enough that i had no residual fur in my pieces... so i wasn't tense (after i checked)... and had gone back and forth with the 'it's only resin' and 'but it took me a long time to get all of this together' argument in my head... 

and was able to make these... 

'if we could see the miracle of a single flower clearly,
our whole life would change.'
~ the buddha


  1. Like those! Great visual texture and asymetry.
    It's amazing how cats know what is the most valuable/treasured item and proceed to lie on it. Hmmmm maybe there is an opening for a line of cat-hair jewellery

  2. Those darn kitties always feel they must be in everything. When I work with resin, I take a the cover of one of my jewerly display showcases
    and place it over the setting resin. The cover is glass and you can easily keep an eye for bubbles and no fur!
    I love the the finished birdie necklace!

  3. A very sweet little bird and saying. I would think your Fur Baby would go for the birdie and not the resin. Lucky the resin and fur did not cure together. Very nicely done.

  4. Oh your necklace is just incredible! I just love all of the details...and LeAnn's birdies rock! Your earrings are fabulous - totally 100% Mary Jane.... you really nailed it with that gorgeous design.

  5. The necklace is just perfect!
    And I love the earring design...forget-me-not, right? I will definitely be pressing lots of flowers and leaves this year. I'm psyched for spring!

  6. Your necklace is perfect and those earrings are so feminine...you are the resin goddess!

  7. Beautiful! Glad the resin turned out. Your fur baby just wanted to be part of the masterpiece.

  8. The necklace is just perfect - so balanced! And the earrings are beautiful! I am so waiting for the warmer weather to arrive, so that I can get my hands on some flowers...
    Give your kitty a tummy rub from me...

  9. Gosh your resin creations are super, I just love seeing your creations, they are so inspiring.

  10. Your work just keeps getting better and better. Love the earrings. You enticed me in again with a pic of that necklace!! I love it so much. I know you do metal. Did you make the metal quote also? I am enamoured with this necklace!!!

  11. these earrings are fabulous..i love the asymmetry and the brass plate necklace with the quote is gorgeous too.

  12. Beautiful...I've been wanting to play with resin, but with 3 indoor cats...I think I'll just admire yours! :D

  13. Superb pieces, Maire, simply suberb! I realize it's a subjective thing - when items speak to one person but not necessarily another - well, these speak to me....love them! oxox

  14. Well you know I love the necklace, but those earrings are so full of tattered texture. Just like a kitty :) Your theme of fragile strength is so powerful to me. I hope you continue down its path...


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