01 March 2010

on passion ~

'there is a boundary to men's passions when they act 
from feelings;
but none when they are under the influence 
of imagination.'
~ edmund burke 

burke was a political thinker but also a philosopher... the abs carnival theme this month is passion - and in thinking about it, i noticed that passion is credited or blamed for things good and bad... we have acts of creation, love... and, um, acts of violence... 

passionate love feels exciting - but doesn't always last... 

these earrings with their rubies and raspberry garnets are meant to express innocence and tenderness in love...

'it is the passion that is in a kiss that gives it sweetness;
it is the affection in a kiss that sanctifies it.'
~ christian nevell bovee

'if passion drives you,
let reason hold the reins.'
~ ben franklin

this ardent heart necklace was designed to represent the character grace from 'the house at riverton'... she felt deeply but was held back by circumstances of class and birth... 

having a passion for creating - now that is lasting...  fueled by imagination rather then just feelings, a fine line, but an important one... certainly we can get excited, frustrated to tears, intense while we work on something - but surely it was the imagination's spark that keeps it going... 

'logic will get you from A to B.
imagination will take you everywhere.'
~ albert einstein


  1. Very interesting earrings and wonderful sentiment. Your heart necklace is really an artistic one-of-a-kind piece. And I love your little bird focal piece on the previous blog. Keep creating...

  2. Your sentiments are always so heartfelt. I LOVE the earrings. Your etching is great!

  3. I really do love your heart necklace too! You create some very amazing pieces!

  4. That necklace!! All kinds a Fierceness & Fabulosity running thought those materials! I LOVE IT!!

  5. Your perspective on passion is wonderful...I know I've already told you that you have a way with words! Beautiful jewelry...especially love the ardent necklace.

  6. You never cease to astound me! Wonderful work, wonderful thoughts. Those earrings are so sweet.

  7. An earring person am I and these are amazing! Did you do the etched metal? Another thing I want to try! Thought provoking post...peace to you!

  8. your jewlery selection today...spectacular!!! your quotes for today are like a sweet smooth wine, leaving tinges of flavors, to mesmerize

  9. wow!! beautiful earrings and necklace! and what a wonderful insight on "passion" ... i must agree with you that creating is indeed fueled by the imagination ... but feelings do play a part (at least in my imagination process) .. i think i can safely say ... most of the time mine starts with - inspired by visuals --> evoke feelings --> spurs imagination --> manifest creation. now i'm curious, does yours work like that or differently? how do most artists line of creative process works???

  10. You say so much with each perfectly place word, Mary Jane. A way. That is what you have. I, on the other hand, expose more than I should. Editing is hard. Your treasures are always more lovely the more I look at them.
    Enjoy the day!

  11. Amazing work and words as always~must be your passion!

  12. beautiful!! just one word, beautiful!!

  13. I can't imagine why I am so drawn to those earrings!@ Beautiful!

  14. Beautiful work...I can see the passion in what you do!!!


  15. I adore your work!! And can see the passion in every piece...love that last quote...I'm feeling some imagination coming on!!! haaaaaaaaa

  16. I love the einstein quote, thanks for sharing your thoughts on passion's more productive cousin - imagination!

  17. I loved all the quotes that you selected here. Just superb!

  18. Imagination does carry us a long way! Thanks for sharing such wonderful quotes.


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