09 April 2010

all work and no play...

makes mary jane tired and cranky...
did you expect me to write 'makes jack a dull boy'? :0)

yesterday i created some handmade earring cards... got all items tagged... 
and i cannot remember what else... mailed out one of my 'to do's ... it's all getting blurry!

i took a class with ruth rae... i was really lucky that a new venue - art opera -was held in red bank, nj - not 20 min from me! it was nice to sit with people interested in similar things... and meet some women who live really close by... cannot wait to use what she taught us... 

i know it's a fun weekend for some in this region - bead fest wire is in philly and i have heard there are some travellers headed there!


  1. love your earring cards! love the white design on the darker paper. Did you stamp them yourself?

  2. Really lovely earrings and the cards are so pretty!

  3. Your earrings look delicious!
    Lucky you to take a class with Ruth Rae - and meet people with similar interests that live close by. Looking forward to seeing what you create with what you have learned!

  4. me likey too, just lovely!

  5. Your earrings and the cards are beautiful!

  6. Such a simple design but oh so elegant. Now go play :)

  7. The earring cards look great and so do the earrings. Glad you had time to take a class and just enjoy.
    Have a great weekend

  8. Your earring cards are as simple and elegant as your earrings are beautiful. Happy creating...

  9. Your new cards are wonderful. Great job. I'm so envious you got to take a class from Ruth, lucky dog. Riki


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