28 April 2010

from the inside and from the outside

the may art bead scene carnival blogger's theme is 'growth'... a topic very near and dear to me - and hopefully is to you as well...

as 2009 came to a close, things were feeling different... i chose the word 'nascent' for 2010... not to define it by any means - for that closes doors and limits... but as a jumping off point... nascent meaning - 'emerging or coming into existence'... for many reasons that is what my life was feeling like... and i didn't and don't want that to stop... 

'if we're growing, we're always going to be 
out of our comfort zone.'
~ john maxwell

true, so take a deep breath and bring it on... at least you will know that you are a participant in your life... 

'all growth is a leap in the dark,
a spontaneous, unpremeditated act
without benefit of experience.'
~ henry miller

terrifying, yes... but also thrilling... 

sometimes growth has to do with trying things outside of yourself... but sometimes, it is more about going within... it can be hard to know which is scarier... peeling away layers to reach your authentic Self creates uncertainty but also freedom... it can leave you feeling vulnerable, but also stronger... 

growth inspires growth... confidence increases... sharing your experiences helps others - and that is what it is all about... i am constantly inspired by those who share their journeys - i marvel at the things they are creating, the choices they are making, the dreams they are making manifest, the people they are fully becoming... it bolsters me when i falter... 

'growth itself contains the germ of happiness.'
~ pearl s. buck

there is no way around it except to become stagnant - love yourself, challenge yourself, forgive yourself and keep going... 

'may your trails be crooked, winding, lonesome,dangerous,
leading to the most amazing view.
may your mountains rise into and above the clouds.'
~ edward abbey

p.s. i seem to have neglected something important, really important - growth is certainly fostered and even accelerated within some kind of supportive framework... even if you are facing great challenges, if you feel like you are able to connect with someone it can make all the difference... i want to thank the someones who have helped me to thrive... at almost 45 years old, i am feeling like my life is beginning... like a Self is emerging... and i am so appreciative of that...  


  1. i especially like the quote, if growing you will be out of your comfort zone..
    i scrolled down and saw a wolf pendant and read the tale of the two wolves..good to remember..thanks for giving me something to consider this morning while working in the studio

  2. So true and very well said! Thank you!

  3. I know you are growing and emerging into your own Mary Jane. And I am so glad to be a witness - and a participant - in making that happen for you! That reminds me...I have to write my own growth post! Yikes! Thanks for the inspiration. Enjoy the day! Erin

  4. "- love yourself, challenge yourself, forgive yourself and keep going..."
    what a wonderful quote!!!
    I feel very honoured to be a witness to your growth and to know you are witnessing my growth - thank you, Mary Jane, for your inspiration and support!!

  5. Your words and journey are inspiring to me in many ways, Mary Jane. Growth is exciting, and stimulating, and while it takes nourishment to grow, the act of growth seems to be food in itself.

  6. Your jewelry work is always meaningful and breathtaking to me, and I am grateful that you and much of the blog community has helped me grow by your creations and being here.

  7. wonderful quotes to go with your creative jewelry. Just lovely....

  8. Thxs for sharing your thoughts and feelings with us - that makes your jewerly even more beautiful. regards Stefanie

  9. Eloquent as always MJ! Every time I see your jewelry now I recognize it clearly as yours...definitely a sign of your growth...your clearly defined style :)

  10. Great post Maire... I love reading your blog and seeing your beautiful creativity because it all is made by you with so much thought and care....you are so in touch with yourself and the things that matter in life, and it shows in your creativity....

  11. Mary Jane, you've drawn attention in such an eloquent way to some very important points..that by facing growth, we are participants in our own lives! Those words really struck a note...and also the feeling that your life is just beginning. It's that wonderful feeling of excitement...it really shines through in your posts and in your jewelry!

  12. I feel like I had a lot of new beginnings, but the real new beginning began at age 40 ... and at age 45 I was finishing up my degree! It's never too late. And when I think it is I say to myself, "Well, what else would you be doing now if not for this thing you love. Better to have found it late than never at all."

  13. I am so glad i found your blog because your words are always a source of comfort, understanding and inspiration, thanks for sharing yourself and your thoughts so freely.

    ps: Just left you an award on my blog: me but a little more indepth.

  14. Wow what an awesome post Mary Jane. I had to make a few notes in my journal as I was reading! I love the Maxwell quote and your words about being a "participant in your life"... Amazing words (as usual!!) THANK YOU:D Have a FABULOUS day today!

  15. lovely!! Have a super day! Happy Tuesday! :)

  16. Loved your post, I especially encourage and exhilarate in growing, I think we should never stop until our last breath, it's what makes life exciting!


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