04 July 2013

loose ends

various fibers, hemp and linen paper

we are connected to others
through a tapestry of place and time.
before us are the ancestors - of all living things
and earth forms.
beside us are family, friends, the global community
and all that grows and exists.
after us is the future we help to (hope to) honor, create and preserve.

mjd - 2013

loose ends are not things left unaccounted for -
at least, they don't have to be.
give them purpose.
like hands reaching out
or a rope thrown to a drowning person,
they are available and willing
to any being who needs them.
creating ties where none existed before. 


  1. A beautiful fiber pendant! And that little pebble is perfect. I love your thoughts on loose ends.

  2. Marie- that is stunning! Beautifully written- your words are so lovely to read.
    I hope you are doing well

  3. Thanks for a thoughtful reflection to go with your handiwork and imagery.

  4. Gorgeous piece! Your words are always thought provoking and inspiring. Thank you!

  5. The loose ends are those that are seeking new connections, ready to latch onto another creation and make something even better than what came before. I am so happy to read your words today. Yesterday I was saying prayers for you and sending them over the air. I hope they reached you where you are. Much love and light to you, Miss Maire. Enjoy the day. Erin

  6. It's gorgeous! I saw it on Flickr and my jaw dropped. So delicate and 'wise' (oh dear, I hope you understand what I mean) it seems eternal.

  7. I'm reminded of those sea creatures and plants that wave tendrils in deep water currents, trapping food and sustenance. The pebble completes a beautiful piece and the words are just perfect.

  8. Great to see where the new explorations are taking you... lovely. I want to see MORE! And lovely writing, too.

  9. Hemp is such a wonderful fiber. It can be a food and is a wonderful way to feed the birds. We lost quite a bit of our bird population when they outlawed it. Some people need to read your words on being connected and see that growing hemp only helps to make beautiful fiber things , strong ropes and of course bird food.

  10. MJ- beautiful fragile piece of work; and wise words to accompany it. Go well. B

  11. "loose ends are not things left unaccounted for "
    like the tentacles of a wise jellyfish ... drifting on the ebb and flow of the sea... letting hang loose the threads that have the potential to stear away from what is ... woven they must be first ... then let go to be available for "creating ties where none
    existed before. " thank you for that visual today :-)


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