19 May 2009


'a bird doesn't sing because it has an answer,
it sings because it has a song.'
- maya angelou

it's 5 am, or earlier, and the birds begin to sing... how do you feel?

as i have gotten older, i have learned to just lay there and listen - it makes me feel peaceful... no more groaning because it's earlier than my alarm clock is set for, i now count upon the song to wake me (that and the kitten licking my face because he's up too!)... and i know i am lucky - afterall, it could be car horns or sirens...

this charm by laura flavin at modernbird sums up the whole experience of nature in such a beautiful way... everything is what it is - and is true to its nature ... birds sing, flowers grow, rain falls, there is balance and harmony... this charm and the natural order yearn to keep things simple and beautiful... we are the ones who botch it up... i love the modern vision that laura brings to her pieces - her clean edge is both aesthetic and symbolic (at least it seems to me)... that is then combined with the diversity and beauty of her metalsmithing... i am truly in love with the textures she applies...

i know that soon the symphony will change and added to it will be the small but demanding chirps of hungry mouths... so when i hear the birds sing in the morning, i know that a whole world awaits, a world that doesn't need me... that no matter how my day goes, things will be what they will be, and i find that to be comforting... i'm ready for the day...


  1. I heart Laura at Modern Bird!!! Isn't she just the best? You described the essence of her work so beautifully...true to its nature. I totally get this -- so simple but subtly difficult to just allow it to happen :)

  2. "let it be..." playing in the background... thanks so much beth, i am glad you could identify!

  3. I too, love birdsong...the older I get the birds, flowers and everyday blessings for free are much more appealing! Glad you tripped into my blog...your blog is lovely!

  4. i think it's really about truly understanding that we are a part of a bigger picture... transient beings with a responsibility to take care as we move through the world... the benefits are unbeatable! will be checking back with you...


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