05 June 2009

helping hands?

there is no 'now you see them,' it's just 'now you don't'... & it isn't the work of magic, but rather the work of ...

paws! the kitten is really the perpetrator, the others are just guilty by association - or so it seems...

the lighting this morning is perfect! it is overcast, my favorite time to shoot pics of my pieces... but (dun dun dun duuuuuuun) it did not coincide with nap time... & you know they are going to end up sleeping all day - it's raining!

what takes the most time for you when you shoot? lighting? a camera that just won't get in close enough? figuring out a good backdrop? editing?

mine is keeping the pieces on the paper or stool or whatever...

it must have taken 20 minutes to get a few shots of a pair of earrings... why do i bother? because i have to help out with a baby shower for the teacher at school today (hopefully showering before it!) , then drop the kids off at the movies, go to tae kwon do, etc, etc...

i think lorelei may have it right - shots on the body at least keep the jewelry where it should be!


  1. Mine s not cats it is a 20 month old little girl who likes "pretties" lol. I so get where you are coming from. BTW you have great taste in curtains...I would know...I have the same ones!!


  2. aw - 18-24 months is one of my favorite ages! wait until she is 17, can get onto etsy and loves everything as much as you do! 'hey mom, as long as you are ordering...' it's hard enough for me to maintain self-control... :0)

  3. kitty alert! The photos are the most challenging part of making a piece. Hope it goes better next time :)

  4. in the world of problems and inconveniences, i know where this falls - & try to maintain my sense of humor as i know it is temporary... kittens grow up too!


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