19 July 2009


'i am always doing that which i cannot do,
in order that i may learn how to do it.'
- pablo picasso

while i do not know that this is how nancy schindler feels, i always think of this quote when i see something new come up on the rabbit muse ... it inspires me and, to be honest, makes me wonder if she really has all of the necessary components in her inventory or if she is just so incredibly talented that she can make something out of almost nothing (which is what i am guessing to be the case)... truly an artist who is constantly pushing and experimenting...

but i digress!

the point of this post is to let you know that she is giving away the beautiful cuff shown above - so get over to her blog and check it out...

and good luck!


  1. Thank for the mention, Marie! :)

  2. absolutely, positively my pleasure! thanks so much for sharing your creative process... it's fascinating...


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