15 July 2009

surpassed expectations

'if you copy, it means you are working without any real feeling.
no two people on earth are alike,
and it's got to be that way in music or it isn't music.'
-billie holiday

my worries with hp films have been that they will stray from the story... i would notice the parts that weren't in the book or toyed with... i still prefer that characters are portrayed accurately... my favorite films were the first two...

here's my only spoiler: the film is not a page for page reproduction.... but you know what? i loved it/we loved it! the feeling, the message, the journey is true to the original... apparently they returned to the first screenwriter and the results are incredible!

i had a bit of a lightbulb moment as i was sitting, watching, engaged, but still noticing 'what was different' from the tome... my daughter and i have read the books, my boys have not yet... i realized how happy i am that they weren't the same... people cannot just watch the movies and feel that they have read the books... they haven't ... the books hold secret treasures that weren't shared, that you have to take the time to find and savor... and, in all fairness, a 652 page book was being put into a time frame of about 2 1/2 hours... it felt like i got to spend a little more time with old friends... and i appreciated the vision and artistry it took to make the darkest book in the series (to that point) enjoyable to watch...

a unanimous 2 thumbs up!


  1. So jealous you got to see it already...I must be patient!

  2. what a fantastic elvish name you have!! do you know ... funnily enough the 2 words, tari and surion has a meaning in bahasa (my country's language) tari means dance, surion (actually it's suria) means sun :)))

    i adopted the name luthien cos it gives me so much creative inspiration. at first i was only going to use it in my creative avenues but i found i am "growing into" the name... so now it's officially my second name which i use a lot :)

    LOTR is my all time fav and viggo mortensen IS aragorn... he is such an artistic guy in real life you cannot believe it ... a true inspiration :)

    thanks for the add maire :) but i should let you know that i use "luthien" only as a profile blog :) so not much posting there but i'm most active in pimp & paint :)) i'm waiting for HP to come here :) on the 24th :)
    hugs!! luthien :)

  3. You lucky girl! Over here in Europe we must still be patient... whether we are gifted with such a talent or not! LOL But I'm glad to hear you liked it, as you seem to be such a fan of the books, so I guess I will be in for a treat!

  4. Great analysis! It will be some time before I get a chance to have a date to view it...I am sure it will still be there!
    I am looking forward to rediscovering old friends. I haven't read those books in years, so it is like it is new to me and I don't really care that it isn't page for page. That makes the books that much more precious. My now 8 year old daughter is starting to read them...I hope she finds them more fascinating than the movies.
    Enjoy the day!

  5. mellisa - worth the wait!
    i had no idea that the u.s. had an earlier release date than europe... that certainly doesn't seem fair at all! the talent all comes from there, afterall...
    let me know how you all like it!
    luthien is such a beautiful name and i recognized it right away... thanks for the interpretation of mine - i love it! i agree about viggo - he is such a tour de force artistically... do you know he wasn't going to take the role but his son told him he had to? my daughter and i love him...

  6. erin, sorry, my screen was filled and i didn't see your comment... my daughter started reading them young too - and the written form is precious... i used to have to lead her around by her elbow while she walked and read - she was that hooked! the books are personal, the movies are shared... i am so in awe of jkr for being able to create such an incredible world that got so many people reading... going to midnight book releases was so moving for me - to see kids that excited... it was great...

  7. excellent! i'm looking forward to it!

  8. Oh I'm so excited:) I can't wait to see this story come to life in pictures. I'm enjoying all this anticipation and appreciate your great review! Plus the kids because of course in some ways they have higher standards...

  9. i was wrong about the date! we premier together with the US so today i went to see HP6 :)) gosh! i really loved it! i love the whole tone of the movie, the visual feast, the maturity, the story telling and i tell you ... british actors are top class! helena bonham carter and to my utter delight young tom felton ... these two really caught my attention. but i'll forever be a rickman fan :)) wonderful!! now i have to wait for another year. did you know that they are splitting the last book into 2 films? coming out 2010 and 2011... i saw that somewhere...

    oohhh... yea... viggo viggo viggo :)) i know he nearly didn't take it. but it was meant to be his... he couldn't have not done it. one of those uncanny perfect star alignment thingy ... that when it's yours, no one can take it away :)

  10. yay... you saw it! you are right about the acting... i love helena and rickman too... have seen them in some burton and other films... looking forward to 'alice in wonderland'...


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