04 August 2009

don't worry....

'bout a thing, cause every little thing, gonna be all right...
- bob marley 'three little birds'

for a couple of months, i have been wanting to make a bracelet inspired by that bob marley song... 'legend' is my any time, any place album, always able to help me get centered... and some of the songs just get stuck in my head... i wanted to be able to present this message to yo-0-ou!

so i had the mental percolator going, waiting to figure out how to present '3 little birds' without be overtly obvious... desiring them to be beautiful and subtle... i was on mellisa's chinook jewelry design site and saw her birds in the 'things with wings section' ... so i contacted her and she ever so patiently worked with me, varying the shapes and colors and making these wonderful charms... the circle is also her creation... cindy pack works with metals and creates beautiful tags - this peace tag in fact! there is also lampwork glass by mika at pinocean and mary ann at linden avenue designs...

i was concerned about it finding a home because it was so intention specific, but i hoped it would eventually... hours later the bracelet was purchased by a woman buying a gift for her best friend... apparently her friend always tells her that everything is gonna be all right... it touched me because the message was received... she also ordered a pair of earrings, lucky me and lucky friend! the beautiful pond green glass is made by mary ann and cindy supplied the hand fused copper rings and ear wires...

these pieces are my first steps wading into the pool of greater involvement in my work... i did some wire working (besides the usual pigtailing) - making my own clasp and doing my own antiquing... very rewarding even doing these small things... although my boys would disagree with how rewarding it was bringing liver of sulfur into our home!

'hope is important
because it can make the present moment less difficult to bear.
if we believe that tomorrow will be better,
we can bear a hardship today.'
- thich nhat hanh

have hope, keep the faith, find peace...


  1. Another beautiful post Maire! Thanks so much for mentioning my rings and supplies! It's greatly appreciated! Your jewelry is so crazy cool! I am going to own some someday! I just know it! You are a beautiful person! I'm so glad to have found you and have you as a friend. :)

    Blessings, Cindy

  2. My sentiments exactly Mary Jane! Beautiful piece!! So glad you liked the bracelet, thank you for your kind words.

  3. Thanks Mary Jane for the comment on my beads! Your creation is wonderful and I also like the Don't Worry bracelet. Neat combo of components!


  4. lovely pieces, congrats on your sales!

  5. oh my!!! the bracelet is gorgeous!! i'm bias becos it's in the colors i love :)) and the earrings too!! love the effect on the brass :)))

  6. Just beautiful! ...and I love bob marley too!

  7. thanks so much everyone - really kind of you to comment...
    cindy & maryann - anyone designing jewelry knows that you have to have great components to work with - and yours are some of the best! so thank you ~

  8. I love the story behind the pieces Mary Jane! A true artist sees the possibilities in all things. (and you can quote me on that!)
    I love your work and I am not surprised that it sells. I wish I had the courage to post to Etsy (but then I would want to order more than I could possibly sell!)
    Enjoy the day!

  9. thank you erin! it took me 6 months to get up the courage to post to etsy... i had it built up into a huge thing, and it is so easy... you already have the photo part down! and... when you sold, it would go to paypal and you could buy supplies without using other money! :o)


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