10 August 2009

reflecting - already

'deep breath' seems to have struck a deep chord, the same one that zinged in me as i read akilah's post... it is something to rejoice about and something to mourn... i am happy that you have now thought more positively about embracing your Selves, sad that we drown in the negative voices inside of us that warn against such acknowledgment...

we are not talking 'shout it from the mountaintops' daily pronouncements... we are talking about feeding ourSelves a positive diet devoid of derogatory thought, of listening to a soft voice that whispers that we are valid, important entities in this world, going thru it with the attitude needed to create and perpetuate change... to be a part of the Solution & not a part of the Problem...

we are willing to take the time to read labels on foods to eliminate trans fats, exercise or diet to take care of our physical selves... seriously, how much money is spent per year by the populace on weight reduction/exercise programs? and yet we leave our real, our inner Selves so neglected...

very... BIG... problem...

why have we been so conditioned to believe only the self-destructive thoughts and not the self-affirming? my doing this exercise challenged the very deeply ingrained 'don't toot your own horn' message (even to my own Self) that was blaring in the background... i fully believe in listening to your gut, i think we lose the innate ability to respond to things on a very sensitive level... but this message did not resonate from the gut, it came from the mind...

it has obviously been hovering in my subconscious as i have been creating pieces with affirming messages... but as usual, i have to sometimes be whacked upside my head with a stick to get it... t. allen-mercado writes incredible, thought-provoking posts... and one of hers really got to me lately as well...

we have to learn to listen to our inner voices... stop shutting them out... we know what we need and, really, how could anyone else know better than we?

this challenge came at a very critical time for me... because once the negative pulls you down to where only your eyeballs are above surface of the pit of muck and mire, it is a lifetime journey just to get out of it... don't you want to use your life for more than that? the women i have had contact with in this community are gifted, savvy, smart and have so very much to offer... what a waste it would be!

i have heard the phrase 'thought is power' so many times... it is now time to listen!

'by choosing your thoughts,
and by selecting which emotional currents you will release
and which you will reinforce,
you determine the quality of your Light.
you determine the effects you will have upon others,
and the nature of the experiences of your life.'
- gary zukav


and i am waiting...

to hear from you!


  1. Why? Because as a child there was no positive reinforcement. Critisism and the power of negative comments are hard to overcome. Even when you feel good about yourself, there, somewhere deep inside is the buried seed that was planted so long ago, waiting to come up and strangle you.

    How that!

  2. I completed the challenge last night, and held off on posting until today; uncertain and apprehensive. I went with the original, it felt great to dig those thoughts out, pry them from the attached fear and doubt and release those affirmations into the world. I hope it catches on and gains much strength and company in flight.

  3. You are so very right. We self-sabotage and it needs to stop. I have a young daughter and I don't want her to be affected by my same negative images that I grew up with as a child and adult. And my son was complaining that he was fat and pudgy when we were shopping for clothes...he cannot hear that he will indeed grow in his own way in his own time. I need to work on my own issues to resolve any that might pop up for them. Thank you for being the brave one and getting the conversation started. You are a beautiful soul Mary Jane!
    Enjoy the day!

  4. Love Gary Zukov! Very well said!

  5. another fascinating post into your thoughts :) i love the way your thought process works when you write ... complicated yes... but at the same time immensely creative, sensitive and thought provoking. fantastic!

  6. -carol, i am sorry you suffered so much... the people that hurt you have had enough control over your life thus far, try not to give them any more power... easier said than done, i know... but maybe you could visualize it as that, handing over your power, when those thoughts arise...
    -tameka, i love your post... so honest and beautiful... i did as you as well, started it and then hedged a bit... hence the title 'deep breath'... i too hope this grows and is discussed...
    - erin, our kids are our mirrors... such an awesome responsibility... but also a great impetus to change... best of luck... it's not easy, but that is why it is called a 'daily practice'...
    -mak, gary zukav is so insightful and thank you!
    -luthien, thanks, i felt a need to follow up on the revealing... to be honest, it began as a need to explain myself and then i realized that was a symptom of the problem as well... and the thoughts just kind of flowed out... love your new blog layout!

  7. Maire, I love your blog and you are such a talented jewelry artist! I'm so lucky to have gotten to know you a little over these past few months! You a a wonderful friend and an inspiration to all who are around you! Truly, you make the world a better place!

    And... I have an award for YOU on my blog if you'd like to come by and claim it! :)

    Blessings, Cindy

  8. Iv'e been following Tameka for awhile but just discovered you tonight and I just want to print out this post of yours and magnify it 100x and have it laminated on billboards around the world! Thank you for sharing your wisdom and now off to look at your lovely artisan jewelry!

  9. darlie - thank you very much! i love tameka's blog... will have to go look at yours as well! am so glad that you connected to the post...

    cindy - thanks so very much! that is a beautiful award and i thank you so much for passing it along to me... i feel the same way about you...

  10. what an inspiring post, exactlly what I needed to read, today and at this moment. keep doing your good work. it is valuable. it helps.


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