28 August 2009

this is what started it...

this unassuming intake valve that most people never see... it's all my brother's fault! he brought us pieces of his vw van's engine that he rebuilt/restored so that the kids could understand the engine hands on... yeah, he's pretty cool! i saw that original vw symbol and wanted to be able to make an imprint... it distracted me most of the day...
my stream of consciousness way of thinking led me to luthien and cindy pack... luthien has been posting about her work with polymer clay - i really love tutorials and appreciate the time it takes to put one up... she has even gotten to the point of opening another etsy shop for that work... good luck, luthien! cindy and i go back - thanks to blogger i now have the privilege of knowing her - i was a customer and really admired her work... the picture above is from my stash... don't you love that medusa head? i worked with the clay about 10 years ago or so, making stuff for my kids that they could play with, creating number pins for them to wear to school on their birthdays, teaching them how to use it for school projects...
but now... i admit, i am wanting to see what i can do for my designs... so, i went to a craft store last night 'just to see' ... and i found this awesome stamp that has so many different textures on it... i am envisioning making cubes with different patterns on each side - i don't know if this is going to work or not, but i will give it a try... of course, then there's the whole getting-the-right-color thing ... always the details! :o)

this is of course occurring during a visit from my brother who i haven't seen in a year... and also having to get ready for a show on the 12th (for which i want to do some work with silver like i have been with copper)... but, as leann's post was just about, perhaps the pressure will yield rich rewards...

thought this was a great quote regarding inspiration-

'the artist is a receptacle for emotions that come
from all over the place; from the sky,
from the earth, from a scrap of paper,
from a passing shape, from a spider's web.'
- pablo picasso


  1. I love the Pablo quote!
    Our inspirations come from so many things, places, people and lets not forget animals. Being open to receive them is when they take form.

  2. Inspiration is everywhere...that is what I keep saying! I love that quote you used. And it really is true. You never know what can inspire you. Meeting all my new bloggy friends and having the opportunity to work with artists of all types has made me really appreciate creative collaborations. It is the thing that inspires me every day!
    Enjoy the day, Mary. Have fun reconnecting with your brother.

  3. so very true - and one of the wonderful payoffs of being open to things... i agree about this community too... and am so grateful for it! thanks, erin - it's going to be a great visit... i am lucky that he and i are very connected and good friends...

  4. hey maire :)
    thank you for the mention!! and hihihi ... it really made me happy to know that i was in your stream of consciousness... the feeling is warm and fuzzy becos someone is thinking of you :) have a creative weekend my fren ... which i know you would! becos that stamp just made me drool!!!

  5. oh how exciting. I love it all. That stamp is really beautiful, so refreshing.

  6. I hope you have a lovely visit with your brother! Good luck in your preparations for the show, I'm sure you'll accomplish everything you need before the show and some amazing new work will manifest :)

  7. Woohoo, new stuff! That stamp is gorgeous.

    I'm in a congested creative haze these days...something's gonna leap out soon-I can just feel it!

  8. Hi Maire,
    Thanks so much! I'm so glad we re-connected too! You are a wonderful friend and I love reading your blog and seeing all your creations! :) I'm really happy for you that you have gotten to re-connect with your brother. That's wonderful! Oh how embarrassing to see that Medusa head! It's nice to see those beads though... I do wish I had made more. But with that type of cane you only get a small amount. I hope you have a fun weekend! Blessings, Cindy

  9. luthien, tams & tamekah - loving the stamp, so many variations of impressions to make! tamekah - what will be born will be wonderful for you!

    mellisa, it's awesome to have my brother here... stuff will happen, just don't know what... and the kids get off to school next week too!

    cindy, that medusa is special to me because it is an example of how far your imagination travels... you see the beads because i quite simply cannot part with them...

    funny thing about my brother's visit - he has lived in san diego for 11 years, almost no rain, right? he comes home and tropical storm danny is sharing his precipitation! there will be a good swell though so he can go body boarding!

  10. VW's are sweet memories, like family. ; )

  11. Hi, Maire
    Thanks for the mention up there. Crisis mode is the mother of invention or even better creativity. The cubes are intriguing. Waiting patiently to see more. Love the Picasso quote. Scraps of paper I think are my favourite source of inspiration. Oh and the VW logo is fabulous. Wonderful,the story of where it came from. Enjoy your time with your brother. A year is a long time between visits. That's about how often I see my sister. That family time is precious! Warmly, LeAnn

  12. Maire - what a beautiful post. I'm eager to see what you create from the clay and your great stamp. The quote from Picasso is one I shall hold onto for a while. Thanks for sharing. :-)

  13. That Volkswagen symbol would make some awesome imprints! Could do some really Groovy beads with that! :-)

    Love your old polymer clay work. Looks like you did some pretty great canes in the day!

    ~Cindy Lietz


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