16 September 2009


'i long, as does every human being,
to be at home wherever i find myself.'
~ maya angelou
'where do you call home?'
for many, the house we reside in is home... for others it is not... or you can have more than one place that makes you feel that special way... when i am in the woods i feel at home - no demands, no electronics, no laundry or dirty dishes & hopefully people who just let me be... to me, home is where you can be vulnerable, be yourself, be accepted... i try to teach my kids that home is their 'safe place'... meaning (outside of the normal sibling stuff) there will be no intentional wounding of either the physical or emotional type done within these 4 walls... it is something that is very important to me...maya angelou wants us to be so comfortable within ourselves that we carry that feeling around... i think that is an awesome goal to work towards...
i made the bird and leaf charms and had been back and forth about what i wanted to do with them... figured that i would use some of mika's small etched glass beads... but what else? the meaning and expectation one should have of 'home' has been on my mind a lot... and so i decided to build nests (i know they might look like wreaths & am planning on seeing what else i can do to them) out of different elements - using sterling, brass & copper wire instead of twigs, string, reeds, grasses...
i would like to thank everyone that left comments on the etching experiment and the cancer awareness earrings! i am always touched when i see comments on my posts, but there were lots left for these... 
and i would like to thank those seasoned pros who patiently answer the questions posed to them by those who are learning... you know who you are! i always have the utmost respect for your time, your vision, your hard earned experience & the time it took you to learn what you have learned... 
as an alternative for the simpler things, i thought i would share a site i found that has lots of online video classes, some of which are free... www.beaducation.com ...  
feeling kind of antsy tonight because i found out there is still time to be in the hoboken music & art festival... it's only 10 days away, it costs more because it is last minute, but it sounds sooo cool! hoboken (birthplace of sinatra) would be my first non-local show... it just seems like an awesome opportunity... 

hope tonight finds you at home ~ 


  1. You know I immediately saw nests when I saw those beautiful earings. Odd coincidence, one of the things I've been reading today is Maya Angelou. She is one of my favourites. Thoughts about home have been on my mind lately too. We've been so far from home for so long, I'm trying almost desparatly to find my definition again. Especially, with our empty nest. Ahhh, things to ponder.

    Best of luck if you decide to do the Hoboken show.

  2. Such a sweet pair of earrings... I love working with little nests and haven't done that in awhile...must get back. Thanks for the inspiration! Enjoy the day! Erin

  3. Really like the wire rings - reminds me of the 'lithe lianas' of the rainforest

  4. Lovely earrings - I have been finding birds on my mind alot lately. Home - is a complicated thing. Good luck if you do the show - it is sure to be a great experience!

  5. Hey girl - Go for broke - go for Hoboken! Your work is so great, the people there would be lucky to have you!

  6. OMG! Those are so cute! I'm at home- hope you are too.

    Blessings to you!

  7. thanks so much - on a role with experimenting and it is very free-ing! have a wonder-full weekend!


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