26 October 2009

you're braver than you believe...

'promise me you will always remember:
you're braver than you believe,
and stronger than you seem,
and smarter than you think.'
christopher robin to pooh

mellisa at chinook jewelry is participating in the susan komen walk for the cure... she has decided to have a jewelry auction to raise funds -  & what a great way to help... if you win, not only have you helped an incredible organization, you get to have a unique keepsake as well... as we have discussed a number of times on this blog, it is a disease that has affected so many of us or those we love... i worked with mellisa to create a number of pieces to add to her offerings...

'hearts aflutter' was made with mellisa's beautiful heart pendant... her work is very feminine and it was nice to switch gears a bit... vintaj always looks so great with pink, so we were off! mixed beads - pearl, ceramic, stone, embroidery thread, vintaj accents... 

'hope is faith holding out its hand in the dark.'
- georges iles

'hope whispers' started with mellisa's matte pink button... i etched a vintaj blank and added an etched ivory lampwork bead by mika at pinocean with some raspberry delicas for color... pink czech beads and african trade beads... a wrapped circle link of vintaj wire ... everything about this necklace seemed soft... 

'hope never abandons you; you abandon it.'
- george weinberg
'hope will set you free'... when you are feeling like the world has you trapped, know that hope can liberate your heart... created a copper cage to hold a beautiful little heart charm by mellisa... etched 'hope' tag on vintaj and copper bird charm just outside of the cage to represent freedom... cherry quartz & smoky topaz... double vintaj chain... 

mellisa has also created some pieces of her own... please stop by her blog... the bidding has started at $10... the holidays are coming... if not for yourself, maybe one of these could be a gift for a loved one...

thanks to all of the incredibly talented beads-of-clay artists yesterday for their open house!

and promise me you will always remember... 


  1. Such pretty pieces. I did go and place a bet or two...I will have to go back and see if someone upped me (likely!)... I always see that as my sacred duty with a silent auction for a great cause. Enjoy the day! Erin

  2. oh,erin! that is so wonderful! thanks ~

  3. Thanks again for these beautiful designs Mary Jane! Each of your necklaces is at $20 this morning courtesy of Marbella Designs :)

  4. what beautiful pieces!! and a great cause!!

  5. beautiful pieces, and i love the way you put the post together with the quotes. great cage! nice job on that. i did find a copy of stephanie lee's book and decided to order it...looking forward to playing with her techniques!
    i did once get to drive a bmw for the sgk foundation ;-)...they're a great organization.

  6. These are all such pretty designs! I love the cherry quartz with the brass.

  7. everything is so lovely...what a great idea to raise $$...such a great event and for a good cause!

  8. Such a beautiful post..Lovely words to go with lovely adornments.

  9. Beautiful pieces and a beautiful post!

  10. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! Wonderful combination of colors and wire. And your metal etched pieces are so good!

  11. "Hope will set you free" is up to $50! "Hope whispers" is at $25 and "Hearts aflutter" is at $20 :) Woo Hoo! Still 2 more days to go on them...

  12. What a great cause, Maire, and a wonderful way to help ... by expressing your creativity. Jim, Laura and I did the 5K walk in St. Pete earlier in the month. There were 10,000 people there. It was a tremendously moving experience! My mother is a breast cancer survivor.

  13. Love what you and Melissa came up with. They are truly unique and are so genuine in feeling. Hope they go to wonderful homes for health and healing.

  14. thanks to everyone who is participating in this... and thank you for the very kind comments... i am so happy i had the opportunity to help such a wonderful person try to meet (& exceed) her goal for the walk! too bad we couldn't come up with different charities and have a collaborative shop on etsy to benefit them...

  15. hey maire :)
    just wanted to let you know i left an award for you at my blog :))



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