12 November 2009

i can save you money!

i cannot, it's a jest - but it is the best i can do with this ~

you know those beautiful texturizing hammers? the expensive ones? that we want? well, i was shown a way to get one without all of that cost... here's what you need - 

1 - a chasing hammer
2 - metal punches
3- a piece of practice sheet copper
4- a curious & bright child

i know you have this figured out already, but here's how it goes -
'look mom, i got the bird to stamp on the sheet!' 
me:  'that's great, let me come and looooooooooooooooooook. oh... great job hon, but how about next time you use the hammer that looks like the one that lives in the garage.'
breathe in & out...
ok, i have read that you should felt cover your hammer end anyway - it prevents any marking... so now i have this cool distressed looking effect - which i don't mind... who needs that raw silk texturing hammer? not me! :0)

onward and upward!

got 2 pairs of earrings made -

'what we think, we become.'
-the buddha 
dispelling the negative earrings made of turquoise and copper - naturals for healing and purifying... spiral represents the negative being drawn out, copper and sterling wires guide it away...

'life in abundance comes only through great love.'
- elbert hubbard
abundance earrings are made with a wheat sheaf motif... wheat being symbolic of abundance... beautiful green lampwork beads by mary ann at linden avenue designs are added because i thought of van gogh's wheat field paintings with cypress trees included in the composition... 

oh & p.s., i broke down and bought one the other day - when i was shocked at the shipping, i realized - i had ordered a HAMMER! i am very excited... 


  1. gorgeous darling! love the dispell the negative earrings ! I think Edgar Cayce was a fan of Buddha's words there too ; )

  2. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous, and I love the interpretation! Did you etch the copper yourself? I'm sooo hesitant to try that, but want to badly! Any advice?

  3. He he you can add husband grabbing tool to the textured hammer collection as well.
    Love the earrings. There is a lovely tranquility about them

  4. Love the story! I might need to borrow the BCC to create my own texture hammer. (Just kidding.) LOVE the earrings. Both are gorgeous.

  5. Aaaah yes, I know all bout multi-purpose tools :/

    I love those abundance earrings...very nice!

  6. I too recently bought one of those hammers, it is very cool! I LOVE and I mean LOVE your earrings!!!

  7. Beautiful work. Is that first pair of earring soldered? Very cool.

  8. These earrings are sensational! I love them! "Dispelling the negative" are sooo beautiful! Will you show us your hammer?

  9. wow!! those earrings are stunning!! i haven't yet grasp the thing about the hammers yet ... but whatever it is ... if it makes gorgeous things like these then i must google it ... hmmm ... texturing hammers!!!

  10. Did you do your own etching on the copper? The pattern is beautiful! I love those lampwork beads with the copper too :)

  11. I had heard that all you need to do for texture is take an old hammer and distress the heck out of the surface using whatever you have around - nails, files, etc.

    Your child saved you all that trouble. Don't you love when they are so helpful with things you didn't even know you needed help with?

    Mine discovered the letter opener on my desk last night...


    P.S. Great earrings - LOVE the etched ones!

  12. Like always, beautiful work as well as meaning!

  13. well at least you can give your little one an A for effort...right?! Love both of the earrings

  14. I enjoy your humor...and the hammer story. Can't wait to see what you make with your new hammer. And oh those earrings!!! They are both absolutely amazing.

  15. thank you all so very much for your supportive comments... it's exciting to know you like the earrings!

  16. I love the Wheat design!

    Oh those kiddies! Where would we be without all their help?


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