09 December 2009

be still

'courage doesn't always roar. 
sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end
of the day saying, 
'i will try again tomorrow.''
~ mary ann radmacher
it's there if you listen earrings... calming, empowering... wear your affirmation to grow quiet and listen to your inner voice...
'listen' is set in resin with a concave surface as one has to turn inside and dig deep at times... the paper was left unprotected and so is a bit darker - also reflecting quietude... 
'voice' has been preserved with some dried seeds... seeds to remind you of your potential for growth and of opportunity... use of faceted african opal (which is just so very beautiful), vintaj brass and bezels from objects and elements... 

this can be an overwhelming time of year... while joyous, it also places upon many extra demands created by heightened expectations... it can be hard to get through the day and when the day passes you merely feel like you have one less to accomplish your goals... take a moment, be still, breathe... enjoy what the holiday season really means to you & set aside all else for just a bit... 


  1. Wonderful words - thank you!! And the earrings are just beautiful:D

  2. Oh, these are stunning Mary Jane!

    Thanks for the "breathe" reminder. I think I'm already forgetting. Just too much "STUFF".

  3. These are really lovely. I need to get the resin out and make some things. Like right now. Because I forgot that I promised someone a gift for the holidays. Oops. Thanks for the inspiration. Enjoy the day! Erin

  4. Your earrings are so earthy and elegant, not to mention stunning. A beautiful reminder to reflect on what's important to you alone, not the roar of the crowd!

  5. Wonderful post! Wonderful earrings too!

  6. Great earrings! Calm, tranquil but with a quiet power. Beautiful. . .

  7. these earrings are beautiful! what a great post...sometimes it can be hard to enjoy the season and not get caught up the all the chaos! Thanks!

  8. These earrings are perfect in every way...great post!

  9. Looks like your experiments in resin are coming along beautifully!

  10. Those are great! You always have such a wonderful story to tell behind the making of each piece!

  11. so clever MJ!! beatifuls!! your resin work is perfect!!


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