02 January 2010

on being born

the word i chose for myself this year was 'nascent' - defined as coming or having recently come into existence...

for sure i have been here more than 4 decades - and they have all provided experiences and challenges that brought me to this moment... BUT, i feel as though i am just getting my feet... learning things in the personal and artistic realm that are culminating in a 'me'...

'you never find yourself unless 
you face the truth.'
~ pearl bailey

in infancy truth to self occurs by indicating when one is hungry, tired, uncomfortable, happy... and those needs are usually met fairly quickly... as we grow older, we are taught different rules... our culture teaches us to listen to reason instead of our gut, to wait, to monitor ourselves... and while these lessons can serve us well at times, they can also fail us miserably... so truth to self is critical for healthy development throughout our entire life... and we will get caught up and forget, but we must come back to it...

'to the artist there is never anything 
ugly in nature.'
~ august rodin

another early life lesson comes in learning about things... how often does one say to a child - 'look at this!' ... listen, touch, taste, smell, experience... finding beauty in all things... finding an appreciation... being aware... do you notice how the air smells different before it rains or snows? did you see the lady bug that landed on your sleeve? did you hear the cardinal (do you know its call?)? 

by tea staining and tearing the wet paper, shaping the paddles just so with my thumb, selecting the appropriate lengths of hand-dyed yarn, i feel very much a part of the pieces... learning by doing, not just in craft but in living... tangible affirmations for myself and for you... as i mentioned to a friend last night, i seem to be turning into my own art therapist... 


  1. Beautiful earrings, Maire. It feels like it's taken me a lifetime to "find myself." But we welcome it whenever it happens. Congratulations ... and Happy Birthday!

  2. What beautiful feelings to start the new year with MJ.

  3. I love the quote from Frost in your banner! That's how I'm feeling these days confused but now I know I'm well mixed! :-)

    Love the earrings!

  4. Isn't life amazing? just when you think you have it figured out , out comes the blender and once again we have to sort it out. All the while taking in the important things. One of the most challenging things for me in this decade has been how unyeilding people are with ideas such as reincarnation. It feels so logical to me because I simply don't see how you can refine the spirit in one existence. I am not sure why the concept is so daunting. It does provide a lot of motivation to be kind, compassionate and loving. Oddly enough even as a very young person I was very careful to think good as I did not want something less than good to have power, this is definitely an odd trip . But one worth taking. ; )

  5. I am so looking forward to finding myself along with you, my friend! Such gorgeous and deep feelings in those ear baubles. I love them! Enjoy the day! Erin

  6. Your own art therapist... hmmmm, I think you're becoming others' as well! You have such intent to your creations, love it!

  7. So true, it does take a lifetime to truly know oneself, and maybe other lifetimes as well. The search for truth within ourselves is a never ending journey, there are always subtle nuances popping up for discovery and self-discussion.

    I look forward to discovering more about you, and me, this new year! Keep those pearls of wisdom coming!

  8. i'm looking at the colors, the pearls, the yarn...and trying to come up with a word for it all..i think 'luminous' works...there's just something so light filled about these earrings...a great way to start a new year!

    your last paragraph, about focusing on the tangible aspects of craft, is very 'virgoan'...and so very healing...

    i think when we're young, we think we know just where we're going, and how it will all work out...
    it takes a lot of years to really get to the point of finding our true selves, letting go of all the pre-conceptions...and i think this is just the beginning of a process that will lead us into becoming our future selves...

  9. Everything you create is deeply moving to me Mary. It shows in what you do, even without your always beautiful words. Somedays I read your post and I truly have no words left to respond...my response would seem inadequate. But know that you have helped me see things in a different and wonderful light.

  10. I love your new line of earrings. The pieces and the messages are so powerful. I am looking forward to see how your journey unfolds. Thank you for sharing!

  11. Beautiful words and beautiful jewelry as always, Mary Jane. :-)

  12. Y'know I notice everything, but i don't always see the beauty in it...that's something I've been working on. Trying to get past the societal connotations of certain things and delving deeper, finding their beauty...be it in a piece of "scrap" paper, an insect, death...it's been challenging, but it's brought me closer to, well me. *winks* Have a wonder-filled week.

  13. I loved reading all of these wondeful comments. Marie, these earrings are really lovely. Bautiful words and so fitting. Happy new year to you my friend. xo

  14. Happy New Year! May you find joy and happiness in all that you do this year!

  15. happy new year maryJane!! and bravo for this delightful work!! love these earrings!!


    Hello and thank you for commenting on my blog! I really do like that saying about when one door closes and another one opens. Also, I'd like to know if when you were a little girl, did you have a best friend who moved away? If you do remember, I'd like you to tell me, just because.

    Also, I like the earrings!!

  17. A lovely post. I am still looking for me. Your words resonate. Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving your kind words.

  18. Hi Mary, I'm guessing that's why so many of us "do" art, for therapy, right? Touching and inspirational post, thank you. Riki


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