18 February 2010

'fear' revisited ~

like 'not good enough', 'not talented enough', 'not smart enough', 'not (you fill in the blank) enough'?

while perusing the blogs tonight i came upon someone expressing her frustration at self-sabotage... and a commenter who admitted to doing the same... both of these people are super talented... and so i am sad... why do we do this?

i get it... i was afraid to submit to a publication because i was sure i wouldn't be accepted... i got accepted and became afraid that i can't write the article... i will write the article and then be afraid that i will appear so stupid that they will never want me back again... 

this is all so ridiculous!! we have to stop standing in our own way... even if things don't go the way you thought they would, at least you'll know you tried... and even then a door will open - just one you weren't looking for!

'what we seek we shall find;
what we flee from flees from us.'
~ralph waldo emerson

this is really ironic - i was just journaling about this today... my new philosophy for myself is that if i feel my chest tighten at something (dangerous things do not apply here) i have to do it... it takes practice, but i like it... and each time i do it, i gain confidence... this is surely going to take awhile, but the goal here is to gain momentum... keep moving forward... i don't expect  to overcome all fear, but i do expect to be able to take a breath and move through it... 

'heaDinG oUt' by tam

if fear kept a bird from doing what comes naturally, it would never fly... it's the same with you... ALLOW yourself to fly... please... 

how come we tell our kids that there is only one of them in the world, with their way of seeing things and doing things... that their unique-ness should be embraced... and then don't believe that as we get older? 

'the greatest barrier to success 
is the fear of failure.'
~ sven goran eriksson

look at the athletes participating in the olympics right now - i am sure they must be afraid of things, but it doesn't stop them... and how many people are sitting at home, wondering what would have happened if only they had taken a chance... 

'courage is not the absence of fear,
but rather the judgment that something else
is more important than fear.'
~ ambrose redmoon

pick one thing tomorrow that makes you pause and start to say 'i can't...' and do it... i will borrow from yoda here - 'there is no try, only do.'

have fun! tomorrow is a new day... and the only way to live it is to, well, live it!


  1. Extremely sage words, that have given me a good deal to think about, thanks for posting.

  2. You'll do awesome! You are full of inspiration. I think we must remember that failure is not fatal, there is so much to learn and gain from each experience... therefore there is nothing to lose!

  3. Wow - did I need to read this post today. Thanks for the amazing pep talk - I really must stop gettnig in my own way!

    :-) Molly

  4. We all need to hear your words of wisdom and heed the call to greatness which resides in each one of us.

  5. How timely this is for me. Thank you for reinforcing what I try to remember each day. We are all unique and worthy and we should never stop believing in ourselves and our abilities. Thank you so much for taking the time to be so supportive. Keep creating...

  6. Thank you for these pearls (of wisdom). I know I have that same problem - always standing in my own way.

  7. Thanks, Maire! Seems we all need to hear these words. But not just hear them we need to act on them. Hugs

  8. Such a powerful post, Maire! I was with a group of people the other day and I forget what started it, but I said, "Yeah, it takes about 40 years to undo our parenting." There was a chorus of agreement followed by chuckling. I hope that's not true for everyone, but it certainly was true for me. We just seem to want to continue what our parents started ... no matter how well intentioned they were. We can stop now.

  9. Wow! Thanks for posting these wise words. Both my mom and I doubt ourselves and our work. I just sent the post to my mom to read. Thanks for your wisdom!

  10. Wow Maire, Just the words I needed to hear. Thank you so much for posting this. Love it. I feel honored you used my print. thank you. I'll do a blog post on this later today... this was so inspirational.

  11. OH WOW!! Thank you! I thought I was the only one.

  12. Thank you for the KITP! Nice to hear that I'm not the only one - and now to try and irradicate that 'fear' word from the brain!!

  13. so elequently stated! i know that i have held myself back more, than pushed myself forward. this is something i'm working on correcting, and i really needed your reminder today.

    smiles & hopes for a wonderful weekend,

  14. WOW... Amazing! Not only your words, but the response! Thank you so very much for this post Marie:)

  15. That little drawing at the top is so apt for me.

  16. i loved reading these wise words today!

  17. Yes, Yes, yes! Excellent post! I have these fears, too, but I'm working on pinning them down. Work in progress.

  18. Wonderful post Mary Jane...I just finished reading Chopra's book Power, Freedom and Grace....and I keep trying to remind myself that I am perfect just as I am. xo

  19. I'm going to try this. I have such big dreams and ideas but I do not have the courage to back them up.


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