11 February 2010

on soup and snow and bovine sounds ~

first and foremost, a huge thank you to organizer extraordinaire lori anderson for hosting the bead soup party... a really wonderful activity - and i was so happy to be introduced to so many incredibly talented people... thanks to all of you who stopped by and left a comment... there was a very long list of participants, so i appreciate the time you took ~ (don't forget to post your pics to the flickr group so we can look at them all together)

'imagination is everything. 
it is the preview 
of life's coming attractions'
~ albert einstein

a few pictures of the nor'easter that blew up the east coast - this is tuesday afternoon with  remnants of saturday's snowfall... 

the first flakes began to fall on tuesday night for us - the narnian lamppost came to mind...

yesterday, you couldn't even see the river... 

'sunshine cannot bleach the snow,
nor time unmake what poets know.'
~ ralph waldo emerson

i just got myself some real business cards... for environmental reasons, i was trying to do something homemade... but it wasn't cutting it... these moo cards were a happy compromise... and i looooooooove them!

how can you not love a company that puts this in their packaging! 

off to try new things - yay!


  1. Hi Marie these are such lovely pictures! Youve really captured some beauty here! I just finished commenting on all the Bead partys peoples blogs whooooo that took a long time but was worth the journey!! There were some really fine well done beautiful jewellery there! Stay warm!

  2. oh wow! just look at the snow!!! it's fab!! you are right about the business cards :) i'm also having a headache on how to design my business card ... aiyaiyai ...

    thank you for popping by and leaving me that very encouraging and inspiring comment! it's food for my soul :)) HUGS!!

    happy valentine's my fren :)

  3. The picture above the Emerson quote is magical! I totally see a Marie Dodd design emerging there - can't tell if it's a necklace or bracelet though....

  4. We have snow today too but nothing like you are getting out your way. I am having such a hard time imagining all of your snow. It just makes me want to curl up with a book under a warm blanket. I love the images on your moo cards. They perfectly portray how I feel about your wonderful jewelry.

  5. We're having snow too, but nothing like your's!
    Aren't Moo cards the greatest? I just love the mini Moo's. Stay safe and warm - we will have to conjure spring with our jewelry!

  6. We ended up with 3 feet of snow...I have cabin fever baaaaaaaaad! It will be a wihle before this disappears.

    Your snow pictures are lovely.


  7. I am absolutely in LOVE with that lamp post picture. Visions of Narnia, indeed! That picture just HAS to provoke a jewelry design somehow, I think.

  8. I want moo cards, I do!
    And after using Emma's card in my jewelry design, I just want to explore that fun a little more. I love the Narnia lightpost.
    Stay cozy, Mary Jane!
    Enjoy the day!

  9. Your pictures are beautiful! I LOVE MOO too! The quality is the best and they are so worth it!

  10. Wow, snow and moo cards, you're a lucky one! I want snow and moo cards too!

  11. Your new business cards are great. Lovely organic feel. Stay warm and drink lots of hot cocoa!

  12. Are you buried? Love the pictures, I think that may be the only time I love snow, in pictures!
    Moo cards are great, and yours look like art!

  13. Mary Jane...what impressive snow pictures!!! You have an eye for photography. Your new Moo cards are really cool...I like how there is a selection of jewelry images rather than just one!


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