25 February 2010


'it came into him life; it went out from him truth.
it came to him short-lived actions; it went from him poetry.
it was a dead fact; now, it is quick thought.
it can stand, and it can go.
it now endures, it now flies, it now inspires.
precisely in proportion to the depth of mind
from which it issued,
so high does it soar, so long does it live.'
~ ralph waldo emerson

and on a lighter note,
it's snowing again!
last night alex was playing with an eraser and he made

a happy ice cube

a sad rain drop

and an angry puddle

his little ritual to the snow gods worked i guess!! this past week all but melted the piles from the blizzard... expected to get 10-14" with this one... hoping my brother will get in from san diego tomorrow morning ok... 

and i had just packed up the snow pants, boots, etc that had been living in my foyer since december! i think my neighbors would prefer i take my snowflake lightups from the windows, there is talk that this is all my fault! i figured they could hang around until 2.28...


  1. Hi Mary Jane
    I hope you are hanging in there with all you are going through...and I do hope your brother's flight comes in safe and sound. We didn't get the snow this time like you did.
    Your son's eraser art is too cute...mine do the same. I think someone inherited some artsy genes. :-)

  2. Awwwww I do love the sad raindrop. So cute yet so sad.

  3. Well now, the kneaded eraser as sculpture medium! I believe he's on to something!! I said a prayer, knocked on wood, and crossed my fingers for your brother's safe arrival.

  4. We have just had a big dump as well...I live out in the country and as I drive to work, I am surrounded by fields...now, an ocean of white...the lake is still frozen solid - cars still driving on it---it spring ever coming?

  5. Hehehe, LOVE the sculptures! Oh I'm sure you've seen enough snow-if it were only as convenient and comfortable to amble about in as it is wondrous to look at.

  6. What some people can do with an eraser! Hang in there!

  7. Alex's tribute to the gods are wonderful! loved them!! lol

    i am so ready for this snow to go away -- i think we're supposed to get like 6-8" between now and Sat.

    Good Grief!!!

    warm smiles,

  8. This is quite a trying winter and I believe Spring will be all the more special this year for so many people. Alex is quite creative. I love his cuties. Keep creating...


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