03 March 2010

it's building ~

the anticipation - 
and we are preparing... because movies, especially those of tim burton, are serious business in these parts! 
we have our midnight tickets... 
and em has her hair... 

em's hair is of the eyes and smile which linger as the cat disappears... the teeth were tough, hair is not an easy canvas and i used fine paintbrushes at that... 
painting in progress

'sometimes i've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.'
~ the queen

sounds like a good morning to me!


  1. Oh WOW...this is amazing!

    I can't wait for the movie either....I feel just like a little kid at Christmas.


  2. OMG! That hair is great...almost makes me want to do it! I was just thinking about doing another post about that movie. I can hardly stand the wait anymore. I want to see it in IMAX 3d for sure!

  3. I want NEW! hair now...you guys are too much fun, enjoy your movie!

  4. Friday and Alice all in one magical day! It is very fantastic and so is that wonderful hair job! Keep creating...

  5. Fantastic job on the hair!! Bri and I have our tickets for Friday at 7:00 in 3d, I have never been this excited! I will be thinking of you while I'm there!!

  6. Ok, I am not showing the hair to my DH he will have me doing that to him! Looks awesome!

  7. Cool 'do! It's gotta be a lot of fun around your house!

  8. Magnificent hair job, Mary Jane!!! You are so lucky to be seeing the movie soon. It will be a while before I get a chance to see it, when it comes out on DVD... sigh.

  9. LOL very cool enjoy the movie.

  10. This is a cool idea. Bet you could turn a buck with this type of thing. My daughter does hair and she is into stenciling cuts. Goes over really big.

    BTW, on the left side of your blog in your flicker pics, I absolutely love the blue bird pendant. I love it.

  11. Ha! That is so very cool!
    I don't have anyone who wants to go see this with me. I think that I need to go with someone who will cherish it like I do. My husband is too freaked out by the trailers and has my kids all worried. Bah.
    I might just have to go by myself!
    Enjoy the day!

  12. that is way cool! me too, i've been waiting for the movie, love me some johnny.

  13. Awesome hair! What a great idea--perfectly carried out. I want to see the movie so bad but can't find anyone elso who does......

  14. I saw all the bad reviews and Lana and I went anyways. I loved it, loved Burton s touch and the special effects and even the 3d. Great movie and Alice is a strong young woman woohoo. JY

  15. Way too cool! Can't wait to go and see it myself... date night for Dave and I...

  16. You are the coolest mom! I just love how you can do anything :)


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