06 April 2010

i'm here...

'inspiration exists,
but it has to find us working.'
~ pablo picasso

i have been busy lately getting ready for 3 rather big deadlines that will arrive within a week to 10 days... this is not said to solicit sympathy - i made the choice to go after them all... but the timing is tricky... and the anxiety is building... i have been reading your blogs, though i may not be commenting... am trying to limit my time on the computer... because while i sit here and wonder at times what i will do, picasso is right - the best inspiration can come when we are actually at the task... 

this piece is for a festival that i am in and it is going to be auctioned... i thought that using words like 'imaginative' (there was no word 'imagination' in the dictionary from 1877 that i used for the paper), 'passion', 'create' & 'art' were fitting to the occasion... garnet, pearl, amethyst and raspberry amethyst are used... 

i also did another set of the almond blossom earrings from the abs challenge last month... as i didn't have any more emeralds, this time i used green garnet... 

there is one more in the works - we enter an inventory which is able to be edited... turns out the system went down - ok, yikes... while i know i should have printed it out, i did not... and i now cannot do my tags! but i know there is time until monday - so i have my fingers crossed...

on the home front, we got down to the beach on sunday - i needed that so bad... the sand was warm on our feet and there were piles of sand that have been created to prevent erosion from storms... 

and what is it about the water that pulls at you?

in addition, em is back to posting and has updated her blog... i really like to read what she has to say and how she says it... to see that individual who i have lived with for 18 years standing on her own... and to know that i am a part of it... 


  1. Hang in there, friend. You will persevere. And it will be a beautiful result. Enjoy the day! Erin

  2. oh, I love the necklace! I wish I was going to be at that auction!

  3. So happy to hear you got a day in the sand. It's so important to get a wee bit of down time when you are up against deadlines. Your work is beautiful and I can't help but think it will do well with what you have in the works.

  4. Love the antiqued tea-stained color of the old paper with your mulberry/raspberry gems and pearls! Old and new together. I really like your handmade chain too--inspiring. Your resin pieces are so organic looking. Paper is a wonderful medium. I envy you that warm sand! There should be a Hot Sand Spa for us northerners to flee to...

  5. There is nothing better than digging your feet into warm sand....ahhhh I need a day like that.
    Another fabulous adornment...you out did yourself once again, bravo!

  6. This necklace is giving me goose bumps! So gorgeous, Mary Jane!!! You will make those deadlines. Don't forget to breathe...
    I wish I had the ocean and the beach so close. Sometimes, when I am really stressed, I put on a CD with ocean sounds; just waves and seagulls, no music. It's like a 1/2 hour vacation...

  7. I just love that necklace too! Good luck with all your deadlines! I love the beach - I know how important it is!

  8. Oh, you've got a lot going on! I'll bet the beach helped clear things out and refreshed your creative mind; I know it works for me.
    The necklace is gorgeous and I love the little bit of trivia about 'imagination' not being in the dictionary. It's so interesting how language changes and adapts over time.

  9. Mary Jane, your latest piece is so stunniing and complex...just love admiring every aspect of it.. And I especially love how you incorporated an old dictionary snippet from the 1800's. Good luck to you getting ready for your big show...and what a great way to take a break - heading to the shore. You're lucky to live so close to the beach!

  10. Great post. Nice to see you. I love the earrings. They are so different. Very nice

  11. Your growth as an artist is a beautiful thing to see, you are on fire, Mary Jane! Your necklace is a testament of your heart and soul being poured out into the world for others to respect and admire. Beautiful work, beautiful you.

  12. Mary Jane - your Picasso quote is just what I need to inspire me to get back to work! I love your new pieces, by the way. They're wonderful, and I love the warm feel of the copper.


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