25 May 2010

finding peace - over and over and over

i had an image of a ring that i wanted to make - it started in the winter, developing slowly... i only wanted to make that ring - and i knew i would be directed... and so on sunday, i did it... i made my first ring ... it is meant to evoke a zen garden -with a small pool of water where a flower blossom floats gently on the surface... stillness, peace... 

it seemed to come together with the acquisition of techniques and a series of events... 

when we saw the burton exhibit in april, we passed this billboard ... i didn't realize the dalai lama was coming to the city to speak... a couple of weeks ago, em was asked by a friend if she wanted to go to see him... i said 'of course'... it was her first time into manhattan alone with friends, but she was going with a group including some boys that i trust completely... it also felt like the perfect event to launch her into that 'first'... she and i had seen him at rutgers a few years ago and it was an incredible experience... 

last week in philly while walking through the children's hospital, we came upon these:

they are inspired by prayer flags...

the hopes, the dreams, the thoughts upon them were deeply moving... 

it was a 13 hr. day - and one that required us to be away from all wifi, but we were allowed to leave the premises... too rainy for the zoo, we headed to the museum... and em asked if we could find the temple... 

there is beauty in every day, there are opportunities to find peace... even if in closing your eyes and breathing deeply... it is in the notice we take, the choices we make that guide us through our moments... 

'as human beings we all want to be happy and free from misery...
we have learned that the key to happiness is inner peace.
the greatest obstacles to inner peace 
are disturbing emotions such as anger, attachment,
fear and suspicion,
while love and compassion and a sense
of universal responsibility are the sources of peace
and happiness.'
~ the dalai lama


  1. The ring is beautiful! It is very restful ... and understated ... but gorgeous. Make more!

  2. mj...the evolution of your art continues to inspire and your words never fail to uplift.

    what an incredible 'first' for em. an opportunity not to be missed.

    these days of rushing leave me feeling unsettled and anxious. to find that inner peace seems like a luxury. but it really shouldn't be. it is something that must take place in order for my spirit to rest and creativity to blossom. (i talk a good game. i get the theory. practice is the issue).

    here is a dream for the flags...i dream of one day meeting you, and spending time creating with you and sharing these thoughts in person.

    thank you for inspiring me to look UP today.
    enjoy the day.

  3. It's like gazing into deep water...beautiful!

  4. Your pieces have so much unique depth to them. I just love how each one has a special meaning. So rare! Beautiful too!

  5. Always gorgeous...it reflects your spirit perfectly!

  6. Your ring is beautiful. It brings a sense of calm everytime I look at it.

  7. your right is gorgeous!!! and i love the sentiment behind it too.

    the Dalai Lama holds an honorary doctorate at a local college here, Emory University. It's the only college He's accepted such honors from and He visits often. I had the privilage once of attending the outskirts of a small part of one of His conferences. But I'm going to be very lucky this year to actually get to sit in on one this October. He's conducting a discussion with a group of artists, the subject being Creativity and Spirituality. I can't wait!!!

  8. duh! i mean your RING is gorgeous!!! sometimes my fingers don't type what my mind says.

  9. Beautiful, just...beautiful. All of it, from conception to completion. You are such an inspiration to me!

  10. Mary Jane I love the ring! We may need to do a swap of goodies so I can get a ring :-)

  11. So beautifully written Mary Jane, love this post. I think you nailed it on the ring, it is lovely. I can see the care and thought you put in to it, as well as the message. Would love to see the Dalai Lama, what a treat. Thanks for coming by to look at my "nature" inspiration. Take care, Riki

  12. beautiful ring and spirit! wonderful post..I love prayer flags... thinking of putting some in my garden.

  13. Such an inspiring post...the ring is wonderful, I just love the pool of water...a bit of calm.
    Peace be with you.

  14. That ring is phenomenal! I totally see the "zen" aspect of it. Beautiful work!

  15. What a great piece. I'd love to have one ring like that. And what a funny coincidence. I visited an exihibiton of sacred art from temples of Buthan the last weekend and was deeply impressed and touched by the devotion and spirit of the monks which were travelling with the exihibition.

    regards Stefanie

  16. This post is why your blog is such a special place to visit. Of course your ring IS exquisite and a wonderful reminder of your spiritual beliefs.

    Your post made me think again about organized religion. I never found the peace and inspiration there as I do when I ponder the words of the Dalai Lama or Budda.

    Your blog is a perfect mix of the work you are inspired to create and the inspiration behind your work.

    I hope your daughter finds her inner peace and is inspired the example you are. xx, Carol

  17. That ring is just beautiful. Love the contrast of the metal with the delicate flower image - it's great!

  18. Thanks for sharing this MJ! My Mom and I were just talking the other day about what an attractive way of approaching life Buddhism presents, and how we, too, would love to hear the Dalai Lama speak one day. What a great opportunity! Love your ring, what a lovely idea--a little Zen for your finger. You can just look down every now and then, and spend a few moments in your tiny, rain-watered garden.

  19. you are lovely. I feel at peace from reading your entry, and I think your ring is beautful


  20. oh, the ring is awesome! Aren't they fun to make! And so true, the more skills we acquire the more we are able to figure out how to bring components together and create new designs...

  21. Beautiful, Mary Jane!! The whole post is just perfect. The ring is a tiny meditation pool for your finger - just gaze into it, whenever life is too overwhelming. Love it!!!!!

  22. What a beautiful ring to accompany such beautiful thoughts. Thanks for sharing!

    :-) Molly

  23. Thanks for sharing. The ring is beautiful, the dream flags made me tear up a little bit, and the idea of you releasing Em out into the 'wild' made me smile and hope I'll be brave enough to do the same some day very soon.

  24. WOW...your work is absolutely beautiful!! I going to check out your Etsy site and come back to visit when I have more time...(off to work now :-) Have a beautiful day!! Sheila

  25. Wonderful ring and wonderful story!

  26. I finally got here, the ring is exquisite! like the pools of liquid copper in Yellowstone, how primeval. Seriously ! I have such a love for prayer flags , the first time I saw a picture of them fluttering in the wind in the Himalayas it brought tears to my eyes ( ah fond memories )

  27. Mary Jane, WOW!!! Your first ring is exceptional. I can really see the zen garden with the floating flower. And your pictures are so uplifting... I enjoy reading the messages of inspiration that you always share with us here on your blog.

  28. beautiful Ring MJ.. it take so long time, sometimes.. but the result is stunning.. this winter you was on resin and now play with enamel and torch.. it was the good time for this ring born!xoxoxo

  29. Mary Jane - such poetic thoughts and a beautiful, beautiful ring! Your prose is magical and I enjoy so much reading what you write. I love that you find the best in every day and make it precious.


  30. “If you wish to experience peace, provide peace for another.”~ Tenzin Gyatso
    IT Support Melbourne


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