21 June 2010


forget you not!

'we worry about what a child will become tomorrow, 
yet we forget that he is someone today.'
~ stacia tauscher

a time for moving up ceremonies and graduations, all with the bright and shining (most of the time) future ahead of them... but look at your children for who they are now and let them know how much you love them for that... 

and how about you? do you forget yourSelf? who you are? what you have learned to create this person who thinks, contributes and participates in the world at this very moment? don't... because right now - you are enough... deeply and thoroughly you... do not cast yourself aside like flowers past their prime, waiting until you become more... not that goals aren't  important, they are... but forget you not, right now... 


  1. good morning ! It is very easy to get lost in the noise of life. Here's to cherishing the now. xx

  2. Inspiring post and a beautiful ring!

  3. good thing to contemplate ..
    love the ring

  4. Wonderful Wonderful words (as always)! Your ring is fabulous too:)

  5. Love the ring.
    Funny, while I was reading your post, I was thinking that I wish I could avoid those that make me forget who I am. Those that call up what they perceive to be my failings.

    I remind myself that I am a loving, giving and caring person. Thanks for making me remember that!!

  6. Fantastic ring! I love the combination of the soft flowers with the edgy metal.

    Words to remember and reflect on often.
    Have a great Monday!

  7. 'you are enough'
    that sears right through my heart today.
    i am feeling that pang of self-less recently. that i can't ever be enough. but you just reminded me that i am. enough. that i am all that i am meant to be. how do you do that, miss mary jane? grab me right through the screen, like that. i wish that i could reach out and give you a hug. you move me so.
    enjoy the day.

  8. perfect words, perfect timing. xox

  9. Fabulous ring! Thinking about you - did you get my email?

  10. Wise words indeed. I so appreciate reading your blog and what you share. Thank you. Happy creating...

  11. Beautiful ring....feels soft!

    Thank you as always for your inspiring words.


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