20 August 2010

rounding corners

'still round the corner there may wait,
a new road or a secret gate.'
~ j.r.r. tolkien

i doodle in spirals... and while i did just figure out how to fuse copper wire, the bracelets i am making are open, unraveling, breaking free...

padre bead from the 1800s was used as a trade bead... raku by mak at maku studio... old and new, experiences gained, paths taken and yet to take...

resin paddle with 'love' on it... blue encased glass that pulls you into it's depths by mika at pinocean... 

they say you should put out into the universe that which you want... 


  1. I love these pieces, especially the first one.
    The open ended circle...not stuck in a rutt...free to explore new paths. Wonderful pieces!!

  2. love the bracelets
    a bangle type is always appealing ,but it seems i tend to perfer an open one, something nice about not having to squeeze your hand thru.

  3. GORGEOUS - I especially love the second one with the fused copper & the wire work. Just beautiful!

    :-) Molly

  4. This is wonderful! Love the texture to it, and the weight. I love spirals too! Take care, Riki

  5. That last one makes me swoon with delight, MJ. And your words swirling around them so free and full of meaning are what draws me in and grabs hold of my heart. You inspire me.
    Enjoy the day!

  6. Love your paddles, and these are both gorgeous MJ. Very clever indeed!
    Ahh...love the j.r.r.tolkien snipit =)

  7. Lovin' the Tolkien quote! And I counter you with "All that is gold does not glitter..."

  8. Pretty darned neat (but delete that comment above mine, it's p0rn spam)

  9. love the blue bead! very dreamy with the copper xx

  10. I love blue with copper...love love love it! Your creations are so you, every time I come back, I smile. xox

  11. 教育的目的,不在應該思考什麼,而是教吾人怎樣思考......................................................................

  12. Simply stunning - these are so wonderful. Love the copper and the colors - just a perfect mesh of metal and fiber!



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