29 September 2010

new stuff

sally: i get restless. i can't help it.
dr. f: it's a phase, my dear. it will pass. we need to be patient, that's all.
sally: but i don't want to be patient... 
(the nightmare before christmas - one of my all time favorite movies)

this is how i have been feeling - restless... different from my usual need to experiment and learn new things... i thought that maybe i could calm the frenzy with a challenge of doing something new that i had to concentrate on... so i tried a bit of this -


persian indigo

now i have to be patient while it develops... i can do that... 

but i am restless again... 

if you haven't seen shannon levart's new tutorial color drenched metal and the process interests you, i encourage you to look into it... 

shannon is a fellow love my art jewelry member - as is barbara lewis... barbara posted today about her torch-fired enameling (and she has a tutorial available and a book on the way)... i am feeling like the underachiever here! 


  1. Oh thank you!! You gave me my after supper laugh. From the other room Terry asked what is funny. I told him my fav jewelry designer thinks she's a step behind. She doesn't realize she is taking shorter strides for sure footing.

    You're so funny.

  2. I know that restless feeling-trying something ne is god for that. I think these are going to be great!

  3. i'm with carol. you make me laugh.
    experimenting with new things makes the trunk grow stronger when you have more branches. you have some healthy branches, my friend. and don't forget that it takes time to grow and all the right conditions. i can already tell that this is something that you will do well with to complement your art. and i appreciate the feedback. i think i will go ahead and plunge right in and see if this might work for my 32 week plan (more on that tomorrow ;-)

    enjoy the day!

  4. no way are you an underachiver...the verdigris and indigio are to dye for..stunning and fabulous! Wow!

  5. Cool-e-o! those colors are looking great.

    PS. I was unable to link to Shannon's tutorial... Would you mind sending me the link? Thanks!

  6. I have a box full of patina solutions sitting in my living room. I have been good and finished what was on my list. I just want to stay up late and work on them. So you see, you are one step ahead! Gorgeous results on what you've shown us. Looking foward to seeing more. Shanon's tutorial is fabulous.

  7. I can't wait to see these when they're done. The colors are fabuloso (that's Spanish for fabulous).

  8. Maire, it is not healthy to compare. But whenever I find myself feeling like I am lacking in some fashion of my career, I look at my kids. They shoot me straight on past any thing that says otherwise.

    I think of your kids, too. How special they are. What over comers they are. How they are here for special purposes that will change the world. You are their guide, the closest to heaven on earth they will ever know. They are accomplishments that make jewelry making pale in comparison (if comparisons must be made).

  9. Restless is just before you accomplish great things. However we do not compare ourselves to others as we are each unique individuals.
    (My oh my...where did that come from?)
    I just think your inner critic is being too harsh. I love your creations. Truly...

  10. A nice new project will cure any restlessitis that is in you....love, love the new patinas. I have to go and order that tutorial!

  11. i love patina'd metals..i can't wait to see how these turn out...

  12. Under-achiever - you make me laugh!
    I think you are just a step away from another leap in your development. Which, BTW, is already breathtaking.
    Can't wait to see what you are going to do with the patinated metals...

  13. Oh, I'll have to take a look at Shannon's tutorial. Just tried enameling for the first time over the weekend and its addicting. I love the color Verdigris! So pretty!

  14. I am always amazed at what I find here on your blog...always something new. And now seeing the beautiful glass that em has created! Wow!!! Another artist in the family! :-) You are certainly not an underachiever (although you're in great company with your new group!)...you are just the opposite! :-)


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