27 September 2010

really? (think seth meyers)

really parents of america? you think that (maybe) b cup katy perry is inappropriately dressed as a princess in her video with elmo? really? you are offended by her decollete? do your kids watch disney? isn't that jasmine and ariel who wear strapless tube tops that bear their midsections? have you written to disney also? are you going to let your kids go to art museums? see works of art from ancient times, the renaissance and the modern era? is it you that might have hang ups about the human body? do you cringe if a woman discreetly breastfeeds?

i mean really - is it just me that thinks that this video (and i am not necessarily even a katy perry fan) is absolutely ADORABLE? 

i watched 'sesame street'as a child, i watched it again for probably another 12 years while my kids were growing up... they are always so surprised that i know so many skits - i did get the most viewing time i remind them... 

i don't know - we do have the right to voice our opinions, but the thought that sesame workshop had to keep this from running over the 'outrage' - just kills me... do these people participate in political decisions? are they as vehement about human rights/environmental/health issues? i wrote to them to support the airing - not that it matters probably, but i have a voice too... 

i am sorry, but when there is so much violence and ugliness (check out the most popular video games) - to get all worked up over such a cute video upsets me... because don't we really need more innocence and light-heartedness like this?


  1. Creepy thoughts in my head about the folks that must've complained about this adorable video. She looks like a princess... any princess Disney has shown... and it's all about playing and having fun. A child's mind is not going to go anywhere but bop to the music and think she's a pretty princess. Sad to me, too...

  2. We really do need more innocence and light-heartedness in our world! People are way too over the top on things they stick their noses into...so I think. Thank you for sharing your thoughts that mirror mine.

  3. I'm with you...I don't see a thing in this world wrong with it. My kids see much worse, out and about, that needs explaining.

  4. Joe and I were just talking about this, I agree-REALLY?! There is so much wrong in the world and people are taking the time and the energy to raise their voices in outrage over a Sesame Street skit. ::Collapses::

  5. If you watch that and see porn there is something very wrong with your psychological profile!
    Pity the mind that can twist and innocent video into something unsavory!
    and do we want them anywhere near our children?
    absolutely not!!
    apparently these people need to get help.

  6. I myself thought it was a really cute video and that she looked so pretty in it..it never struck me as scandelous for children. If their Mommys and Daddys or whatevers went out for the evening a Mother could easily wear a dress like she was wearing! Any child would see those clothes...nuff said...

  7. I wish more people would complain about the violence, bigotry and double morals that kids are exposed to in society on a regular basis. I am sure there are more objectionable things to see every day on the news.

  8. just becos she's katy perry and memories of the music videos flood into the minds ... so anything this girl wears is upsetting. ah man ... ppl should change with time.. how do you stop kids from seeing stuff like (perhaps lady gaga or katy perry's videos)these?? they are all over the place... unless these ppl go live in some jungle with no television or internet, you cannot stop it from happening. it's part of technology and evolution. i say chill ... make nothing out of it and it'll become so common place that no one will even have a 2nd thought about it. and yes ... maybe they should divert their complains to violence and rape at war torn countries and child abuse instead ...

  9. O brother, you said it all. That video is too cute. Girls dress in less to go to the prom and homecoming.

    I AM a Katy Perry fan and this is the best thing that could have happened for her right now. She released a new album too late to take advantage of the Snoop Dog video. Now she's got so many hits on Utube that situation has probably been amended.

    The people that comdemned this vid are the same that would condemn A Catcher In The Rye.


  10. I'm with you....I don;t see the problem with her sketch. Really. She wasn't naked, for Pete's sake! AND, I think there are FAR worse things out there in the media that kids see all the time. Why such a big fuss about this? Ridiculous.

  11. I think she could have added an extra inch to the top of her dress but is it bad? Absolutely not. My personal opinion is that everyone is wearing tops too low these days. Yeah, I'm a bit of a prude. Would I stop the show? Nope. She's not indecent, just not wearing MY style so big deal. The people who ranted over this are the Christian Right who wanted the Harry Potter books banned! They go way over the top on everything but helping people. Everyone here has tip-toed over the group that wants to ban freedom in the name of decency and freedom. They need to stop being listened to!


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