13 October 2010


how to create more light in my life? 

 ~practicing non-judgment... 

'if you judge people, 
you have no time to love them.'
~ mother teresa of calcutta

hand by nan emmett studio symbolizing an open approach to the world... releasing the patterns that are hurtful to ourselves and others... patterns that cut us off from so much opportunity... beautiful dyed silk from lisa jurist and a single labradorite... this stone is believed to enhance this intention in addition to giving strength and perserverance... 

~ setting my wishes free into the universe - not feeling as if they are silly or selfish... 

from the parts of me that reside in darkness burst forth sparks of light... wishes i have... wishes i make... setting them free into the universe upon the wings of faeries... 

~ helping others fulfill their desires - 

like when a man-child comes to you the night before his mom's birthday wanting something special for her to demonstrate his love... i have known this child since he was 5... 

and giving him that with a special message -

on the edge of the top i stamped 'happy birthday with love xoxo'

and made these as well... 


  1. sweetness and light. that is what my minds' eye is seeing through this post. thank you for giving me a glimpse into your thought processes maire.
    enjoy the day

  2. thanks for sharing this post..good reminder..
    and i love all these new things..the birthday present is devine..and of course the earrings fabulous.

  3. I always come by here and am refreshed by the words of wisdom. Such beautiful, soulful pieces. I am especially smitten with the birthday piece. I think mostly because of the thoughtfulness of this special 'boy' and how you translated his with into a treasure.

  4. Kindred Spirits.
    I remember about 6 years ago sitting on the living room floor with my grandson on the weekend before his mom's birthday. Could we make his mom a gift? He got out my semi precious chips and tools. He wanted to make a memory wire bracelet for her, all by himself, but I could help when he needed me to. It was one of many special times we have shared.

    Your young friend will always have fond memories of you. And....this is a "gift" that you will be grateful to have given.

    We think deep, don't we ~lol~
    xx, Carol

  5. Ahhh, that is so sweet MJ. And very thoughtful =)
    I am sure all were very happy with the gifts!

  6. What a special birthday gift, I absolutely adore each piece. Pieces created from the heart...his Mom will certainly feel that.

  7. Beautiful work, Maire. I think the hammered sterling bracelet is my favorite!

  8. Thank you for my dose of beautiful light today, as well as seeing your beautiful work!

  9. Well said. Your jewelry is art itself. Happy creating...

  10. Such a thoughtful gift for a special friend. You are a sweetie for doing that. Beautiful inside and talented!! Hugs, Riki

  11. MJ - if only you could see the shining light that you are!
    The man-child has had a very special experience - I wonder how that memory will stay with him.
    That necklace is just breathlessly beautiful!

  12. What gorgeous new pieces, Mary Jane! Each seem to catch the eye with their beauty and simplicity. You have a beautiful style all your own.

  13. I'm totally in love with your bangles

  14. all are beautiful creations from your heart, thanks for the eye candy and spirit boost!

  15. Hi!!! Had such a WONDERFUL time yesterday etching our hearts out!! This can become addictive VERY easily! And, of course, you're a FABULOUS teacher. Love ya!



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