24 October 2010

new additions

to the my mom pattie etsy shop... marsha neal has a special etsy shop set up in honor of her mother pattie... the funds generated from the sales at this shop are used for non-profit donations... 

i gave you a progress report at the love my art jewelry blog yesterday... i have a love of marsha's shards and try to think of special ways to set them off... recently i purchased the book 'wrap, stitch, fold & rivet' by mary hettmansperger and in it i found inspiration galore... 

these earrings have a lot of movement... the shards are the wonderful color that some of the leaves are now turning - a beautiful pink-orange... the torched copper reminds me of old new england barns... they have been sealed properly in two ways to preserve the finish on the copper... 

'when you take a flower into your hands and really look at it,
it's your world for the moment.'
~ georgia o'keeffe

etched copper discs cup beautifully delicate cut out porcelain flowers by marsha... hand dyed silk fibers from lisa jurist...

'if we could see the miracle of a single flower clearly,
our whole life would change.'
~ the buddha

layered pendant - patinated large copper disc... marsha neal porcelain charm with a floral pattern... and a clear resin drop to magnify the wonder... hangs from leather cord wrapped in hand dyed silk and fine copper wire... 

'the winds of change are always blowing
and every time i try to stay
the winds of change continue blowing
and they just carry me away.'
~ willie nelson

the winds of change are filled with surprise and beauty... they may not always be desired, but they are a part of life's inevitability... the pendant made me think of a wind chime of sorts (look for this to be revisited)... so i filled it with different and wonderful things... no matter how much things may shift, we are still rooted... we remain ourselves... with family and friends who love us... the double strand of tied small earthy beads and copper chain represent how we still are grounded even while we evolve... 


  1. You are on a whirlwind of creative activity MJ, and it all looks so wonderful! Those shard earrings are incredible!

  2. MJ...I have that book and went thru it some time ago with Deryn...it was so much fun.
    I love all of your pieces here, but especially the shelf necklace~very nice =)
    BTW....Mary Hetts will be in San Antonio next month, and I will be taking one class with her! I am so excited~

  3. You are one amazing woman MJ!!! Your work speaks so much, and your words to describe them takes the images to a whole new level… THANK YOU!

  4. Amazing work, love that shelf necklace, and the clear resin drop to magnify the ceramic disc, yummy!

  5. all truly lovely pieces! thanks for the link on the beautiful necklace with the fiber. the shelf necklace is really cool...love that tribal style with all the activity!

  6. beautiful work, i love them all!


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