10 October 2010


'heroes take journeys,
confront dragons,
and discover the treasure of their true selves.'
~ carol lynn pearson

one of my treasures as we leave the children's hospital of philadelphia... she is beginning a new treatment journey to get her well... she suffers from crohn's disease and has been in a bad flare for a long time... what are we shooting for? a study abroad semester in, you guessed it, germany...

a treasure i didn't even know was hidden in my backyard...

can you guess what this is? it was found by treasure hunter john lewis... barbara introduced us to his new etsy shop this week... 

it's a tiny pulley - 
love it! go take a look... 


  1. Love the pulley! And the tiny little daisys (or is it daisies? duh) Anyway, they grow in my backyard too.

  2. Dear Em, you will recover and travel to Germany, keep the faith!

    Maire, ok, what is that droplet thingy?!

  3. Crohn's is tough -- lots of well wishes for a speedy recovery!

  4. keep on keeping on em! my best friend has the same condition and i don't know if it ever really stops her. i think her treatments over the past few years have really helped. all of those are treasures, but i love that picture of em the most. enjoy the day!

  5. Wonderful pic of EM. Look at her face. Full of youth and enthusiasm and FAITH. (She is wearing one of my youngest grandson's favorite hats!)
    She's going to enjoy her German Adventure.

  6. That is a gorgeous picture of Em! Sending her my prayers and keeping her in my heart.

  7. Go Em! Go!
    Lovely treasures, Maire. I can't figure out the glass though?

  8. Best of luck Em, get well and take off to Germany. Sure thinking of you guys. Riki

  9. Take care Em. I'm thinking strong positive thoughts for you.


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