11 December 2010


'inspiration exists, 
but it has to find us working.'
~ pablo picasso

this picasso quote is often what gets me moving when i feel daunted by something... resin work is a labor of love for me... it takes lots of time and attention... 

getting all of those wire paddles shaped, antiqued, polished and straightened so that they lie just right...

going through books looking for words that i want to use... that i connect to... that are meaningful... 

tracing each paddle shape on the paper - cutting each one out so that it fits perfectly...

getting them all set up, done, under the heat lamp... 

keeping a precious furry challenge asleep on the chair because he is drawn to that heat lamp in winter... i cannot blame him, i just prefer my paddles to be fur free... 

i would like to apologize to anyone who has gone to my supply shop looking for them because of the bead trends feature... they will be showing up soon... 


  1. i love your paddles...with or without fur. ;-)
    picasso was a hoot..one of my fav's:
    "i am always doing that which i cannot do,
    in order that i may learn how to do it."
    while i do not always live up to the power behind this quote i think is a good path to take.

  2. Congratulations on being a featured designer in Bead Trends MJ! That is great news. Love your little paddles, love my earrings! You do a wonderful job with those. Take care, Riki

  3. MJ....yes, resin is indeed a labor of love and great patience. One that surely keeps me motivated! I love that quote as well!
    Ahhhh..I think I see a little BB piece *wink*

  4. LOVE seeing the process! And smiling when the furbaby wants to "decorate" your resin~~

  5. I love how your paddles come out, I have tried them but mine are not very attractive, you make it look so easy! I am glad you are enjoying your old books.

  6. A peaceful journey through your creative process. No hurry to create. Perfection achieved.
    Merry Christmas

  7. All lined up like little soldiers! It's great to see your procedure. Still haven't gotten Bead Trends, but we leave for Florida on Wednesday, where I'll be in civilization and have access to STORES!

  8. Oh, it is so nice to see your paddles in process. I have a couple of these special pieces that I love and appreciate even more seeing how they come to be.

  9. Resin sure does take patience - waiting for it to fully set... I truly understand about the kitties and the fur - I am challenged that way also.
    Love your paddles.

  10. Id like to Congratulate you on your being picked on the new book with Lorelei and Erin! Thats pretty wonderful!


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