21 December 2010

when the sun, the earth, the moon and the stars align...

as you probably already know, a lunar eclipse occurred on the same night as the winter solstice early this morning...   i believe i read that this hadn't occurred in over 300 years... so we got up a couple of times to take a look... 

there really is nothing like a winter sky to begin with, but this was spectacular... the moon was aligned over orion... the universe was vast and welcoming... it once again made me feel ever so comfortably a part of something much bigger...

'sic itur ad astra'
'thus you shall go to the stars'

these are going out today to female relatives in remembrance of my grandmother and aunt - we lost them, the universe gained them... and they are missed... sapphires hang for their birthstone and for faith... 

another of those we loved joined the dance last night... the energy wrapped up in brown fur and named chuck returned to the eternal source... what a fabulous night he chose... 

here's wishing you a step up the karmic ladder - you certainly brought joy to the humans in the house... and kept the felines on their toes... 

'i died a  mineral and became a plant,
i died a plant and rose an animal, 
i died an animal and i was a man.
why should i fear?
when was i less by dying?'
~ rumi

to the bittersweet... 


  1. gosh! i didn't know there was an eclipse! and what beautiful discs to celebrate the occasion. and man ... how did you make them glow like that?

  2. the lunar eclipse was fabulous here as well - what a great experience!

    Your tribute pendants are just perfect - you are so thoughtful and creative - your family will absolutely adore these treasures!

    Merry Christmas my friend~~


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  4. Thanks for the post; chuck must have been great joy; love your writing. Joan Tucker

  5. Hugs for your loss - but he did choose a perfect night to start his next journey… I think that the heavens in alignment is just what I needed… Seems like today when I woke things had lost that crazy I.don't.know.what .I.am.doing.next-edge and my head was clear…

    Beautiful work with such powerful meaning MJ… As always :)

  6. Your family will love those beautiful, poignant mementos of those passed, Mary Jane. Chuck, say "hi" to Rio over there, but be careful, he likes to chase anything that runs.

    I wish I could have seen more of the eclipse, but we had rain clouds and fog obscuring most of it. Hugs to you as we move toward the lightest part of the year.

  7. I thought of Chuck the other day. For some reason he just popped in my head. It's been a rough year for you. I think Chuck chose this magical moon night to help you start the new year on a new path.

    Step up to the next level now. Keep your heart, mind and eyes open for the next portal.

    Merry Christmas Maire. Celebrate the new year.
    Much love to you and yours.

  8. beautiful post. sorry about chuck..
    your pieces honoring your family members are lovely.

  9. a touching post and a coincidential set of events.. sorry about chuck..losing a family member is so difficult...as you've sadly experienced this year. I know your beautiful pendants will be loved and cherished by your family members..

  10. So sorry to hear that Chuck has passed through the portal. I know you will miss him.
    But you know he and your grandmother and aunt are not really lost, just gone ahead on their journey. They will live forever, not only in your heart.

  11. What a giant leap of faith we take as we face the transition of death for our loved ones and ourselves. By look at the signs of the heavens that point to the return again and again in the goddess Luna . Look at the seasons as they cycle. Look at our time in another dimension as we dream nightly. We are eternal and connected. xx

  12. We had clouds. :-( And I'm sorry about Chuck.


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