10 January 2011

looking up and out...

'more varied than any landscape
was the landscape in the sky,
with islands of gold and silver,
peninsulas of apricot and rose
against a background
of many shades of turquoise and azure.'
~ cecil beaton

whether the bright blue of day or the deepest dusky violet before night extinguishes all light...


  1. so lovely. so peaceful. so soothing.

  2. I agree with Erin...very soothing. They remind me of the earth with the ocean and mountains in the background.

  3. They represent whatever the viewer sees. I'm not thinking serenity at all. I'm thinking mysterious hole in the sky, ever changing and moving and daring you to see what's on the other side.

    I'm in rare form today! ~lol~

  4. I can see the sky in these and I've just spent a lot of time looking at sky. I love how you wrap your design in words. It's a gift you know.

  5. Beautiful. They remind me of the night sky here in AZ...during happier times of course. xox

  6. Oh - I LOVE them!! Love the colors - they are fabulous!


  7. It takes a lot of insight and talent to make something so serene and yet so compelling to look at! You've done it.


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