22 January 2011

RAW love

this year i am participating in a ring a week challenge... this one will be finished up today i hope - i have been working on it throughout the week... the rings are really quite incredible - they can be made of anything and are posted in this flickr group...

here is one of my recent favorites:

by iacua

and thank you to emily for taking this picture of a walking bridge over a lake near to us... i was struck by the graffiti heart's reflection in the water which was also reflecting the bright blue sky... last night, it occurred to me that it was a beautiful representation of how the heart can touch the sky... 


  1. love the ring..beautiful etching and your new blog look is fab!

  2. I've been looking at the RAW submissions on Flickr lately. There is some amazing work there. Your, lovely ring will be right at home. The etching lovely on this one.

    That is one of my favourite Rumi sayings and is perfect on your new banner.

  3. Can't wait to see the finished ring!!!
    The new blog layout is gorgeous and I love the banner photo - such a perfect combination.

  4. Good Morning
    I love it when I read your posts at the beginning of my day. You posts give me a reminder of the person I am stiving to be.

    I like your blog layout so much better. It's so representative of the work you are doing now. Very earthy, exciting yet subdued.

    I'm thinking that I need a ring now. I have my earrings and necklace that I wear almost every day. Yes, I commission a ring, much like I did the earrings. Whenever you create a simple band. You know how I think. And when you know its for me...it WILL be mine. Whenever. I need a talisman that speaks to my inner zen. Size 8 for a middle or index finger. No matter, if it doesn't fit, well I'll have a new pendant.

  5. ooh... i love your rings. they are each so special and interesting. the etching is so light and romantic looking to me. like something that a lover gives to his lady that has stood the test of time.
    and you know that i am with carol on this... you will know when the right ring comes along for me in the size 8 just like hers. whenever.
    and that new blog header is fabulous! nice job on the photography, em!
    enjoy the day!

  6. You´re so talented. I love this ring!!! Thank you for sharing!!!

  7. this ring is beautiful...also love the new blog look.

  8. Great etched ring MJ....Love that antique lace in the background too =))


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