24 January 2011

the way to peace

'there is no way to peace
peace is the way.'
~ a.j. muste

i had been reluctant to put certain things in my speaking your truth shop... but i realized last night that it was a part of the process... promoting peace comes from how one reaches out into the world and how one treats themselves... 

many years ago, i bought a simple cord necklace with a small om charm... it was expensive, i don't know why... well i do, but it doesn't matter... the point is, it meant the world to me and was a touch stone in my pre-etsy, pre-beth hemmila days... 

so i got to thinking about the people who are looking for a small something to hold, or to work with, that carried a powerful message for them... to create something for themselves or someone they care about... that they could put their own hands and imaginations on... 

peace ~


  1. Beautiful to read and touch....love them!

  2. a powerful talisman for sure. to know the hand that made them makes them all the more special and lovely. enjoy the day, dear one.

  3. These are really cool. I think it was a great idea!

  4. a small stone guardian angel given to a young boy who silently carries it to wrestling matches (know only by me)

    another boy carries a copper guardian angel coin in his pocket to touch when he needs to remember

    You create the talisman..the energy is passed to the one that creates with it giving it their own special power that transfers to the giftee.. and so the circle continues and spirals and never ends...

  5. Yes, I do believe you are right MJ.....

  6. beautiful pieces and such a lovely idea.. i like it!

  7. Wonderful idea - these are extremely beautiful and will carry the message out into the world, where it can spread and grow.

  8. Stunning and sure to give others the same point of contact as your "om"... Glad you put them out in the world :)


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