15 January 2011

what do you want to be when you grow up?

throughout my life, i have always seen this question as being multi-faceted... professionally, i wanted to be a scientist and an artist... 

but more importantly, i have wanted to be a peaceful person... to be a part of the Solution and not a part of the Problem...

em and i got our first tattoos this week... (nick says it's easy to figure out which one is me - 'your finger has all of the wrinkles'... thanks, boo!)

this peaceful warrior has been unknowingly arming herself with talismans this year... words and gemstones that empower and protect... these types of things have an energy that works both ways i realized... while they serve to offer protection, once i feel empowered i am able to reach out from a right state of mind... not just to get centered on the inside (because there are times when i just want to close in on myself), but to let it flow outward actively... this tiny little reminder of what i want to be is a visible thing now - i see it when i work, when i eat, when i brush my teeth, while i hold the steering wheel... 

the devastating events in tucson and around the world are a constant reminder that while we cannot control the thoughts or actions of others - we are in complete control of our own... 

'if you can, help others;
if you cannot do that, at least do no harm.'
~ dalai lama

i love what emily chose - the trident... held by poseidon (or neptune), god of the sea...  she is a lover of mythology as well and connects to the stories that have helped humans understand their condition since their time on earth began...

'tattoos are forever' i was reminded... isn't that wonderful?... so is my commitment to practicing kindness, compassion and understanding... 

i will be picking the giveaway winners on lmaj soon... 

and lynn at art bead scene wrote a very touching post this morning -


  1. Courageous on the thumb.... I got my nose pierced at age 40, hands held by two of my students who had had it with me being afraid of my mother's reaction! She hardly said anything... !

  2. Good for you! I'm getting my first tattoo on my wrist (at 45! - apparently hurts) of the triskelia symbol (celtic). It means motherhood, and I have two kids, and it's the three of us together!

  3. congratulations on your tattoo..very brave, but a wonderful symbol and wonderful thoughts to live by..

  4. yay for inked women! i am pretty well-inked and have been thinking of another for a few years, but haven't settled in on what i'd like just yet. i think the symbols each of you have chosen are wonderfully representative of who you are. and, these are your first tattoos?! awesome bonding experience for you and em. congratulations.

  5. Oh what fun to do this together! Adore the symbol your chose and its location. It will be so utterly present in your life and in the lives of others. A constant reminder of your heart's desire. Many blessings on your making your mark.

  6. I got my first ink about 20 years ago, then another, and then enhanced the first..my queen of hearts. It was looked down on then, for a woman to have ink. Yes, its forever and I LOVE my ink. But every time my mother in law (we are not "friends") sees my bees, just to the right and above my knee, she says "Where did you get that horrible bruise? Oh, I forgot you have a tatoo". She forgets, I am the queen bee.

    I think I will never grow up....

  7. Love your tattoos - and love your commitment.
    Oh, and please tell Nick - those aren't wrinkles, they are life lines - they are a body map of what we have done and where we have been...

  8. I knew which one was yours by the symbol :-) I'm with Renate, those are life lines.

  9. That is something special to be treasured between you two. I am a lover of the Trident for other reasons, and was delighted to see that symbol. Your words are so powerful, Mary Jane. Your intentions are true. That is why I love to be here. Enjoy the day!

  10. You're my SHERO, MJ! How cool is that! Emily has an awesome mom, and I'm so happy you were able to bond in such a meaningful and permanent way. My 6 year old and I got matching tattoos, but they were fake - LOL! I'm a fellow inked mama myself though, and the hubby and I are in the process of creating a flow symbol to have inked on our bodies soon.
    Thanks for sharing your beautiful moment with Emily. The symbols are beautiful, much like your art and your spirit, which always jumps right out of the pages of your blog and right into my head and heart. You know I love me some MaireDodd :)


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