09 February 2011

by the way

i love how btw means more to me now than that - it is also bead table wednesday thanks to heather powers... 

with the metalwork done, the final choices (the at-times-agonizing ones) need to be made... and while there is a picasso quote i keep close at these times i had another one in mind... then i got swept away by leann weih with her thoughts and her incredible talent - i confess that it was the first time i interrupted my reading of a post (and this one is dear to me) to go and make a purchase... 

this synchronicity is so meaningful... i just finished deepak chopra's 'buddha' and have been contemplating this::

'the Buddhas do but tell the way;
it is for you to swelter at the task.'
~ buddha

thank you leann - for sharing your depth, beauty and talent... 
and to heather for allowing us to touch base each week... 


  1. You bring joy to waking up today. Thank you

  2. Thank you for offering a place of peace and creativity on your blog, I'm inspired every time I visit. I so love those rings - everything you make is beautiful!

  3. Those rings are so very lovely! Wonder which of Lisa's fibers you will add to them?
    I am not surprised you were so drawn to LeAnn's buddha - it is so very calm and peaceful...

  4. *sigh*
    such beauty on your table.
    i have one of leann's keys. i love it. it is special to me. i am hoping she will do a custom order.
    i missed the btw again. why can't i seem to realize on tuesday that it is about to wednesday? i am always a step behind but especially since i still haven't caught my life back up to sometime in january.
    thank you for this respite in my day. i love it here.
    enjoy the day.

  5. I do love those silk threads from Lisa, and they look beautiful on your bead table next to your gorgeous rings MJ....


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