11 February 2011

it will come ~

'sitting quietly, doing nothing, 
spring comes and the grass grows by itself.'
~ zen proverb

a sighting of fresh green is all it takes...

no harm in looking forward to spring's newness while being in the present moment, is there?


  1. I'm definitely feeling spring in the present moment! Beautiful ring :)

  2. It will come - and when it does, it will be an explosive celebration of beauty and love - as it is every year. I can hardly wait.

  3. No harm at all. Patience is something that challenges me. I love the tiny hint of green in your piece! So apropos...

  4. of course not :) it's coming soon right? in a month's time? love the bits of fibers that you always include in your creations :)

  5. We must look forward or there is no promise of tomorrow. Love your banner, quote and the fresh green on your ring. Your work and your words are always inspiring. Happy Hearts to you...

  6. love the thought and the piece...a wonderful celebration to come with those first buds...

  7. Not at all! You can look forward to the spring even as you marvel at the snow!

  8. Thank you for sharing this! It is just what I needed to hear after this week! I struggle constantly with being present although I'm well aware how much it affects my center and creativity when I don't.

    Deep breath! Today I will take a day off to do other things and start again tomorrow.


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