23 March 2011

btw with my eye on saturday

'slow but steady wins the race.'
~ aesop

this girl would be happy with finishing on time - forget winning (not that winning applies here except as a personal victory)... 

the goal? to finish a necklace by saturday for receiving to a juried show... which means i need to be on my final step of sealing by say, thursday... throw in 2 trips to philly on thursday and friday... i have been working on this since last week... 

i assembled the chain links yesterday - just need to connect them and patina the chain, seal, blah blah blah... 

this is the first complex project i have undertaken in a long while - it's been in my journal in a different form for months... lately i feel content if i finish anything, which usually means the items are rings or earrings... and, oh, yes, there is a ring a week project to do for the week... 

sometimes, what you are working on can feel like the last vestige of self... demands and needs of children - especially sick ones - are the obvious priority... but as it goes on for years, it is with tools and metal in hand that i get lost and at the same time found, adrift in the zone with fierce concentration, going with the flow and focusing on solutions, using left brain and right brain that i am reminded that i am indeed still here - the nurturer and the bliss follower... 


  1. I can't wait to see the finished project. It's going to be great! I love the color you've gotten with the patina. it's a great start! Good luck!

  2. Keep on truckin'...it will look beautiful in the end. (Oh, and I am soooo far behind on RAW it ain't even funny...went out of town for two weeks and am now running full steam just to stay ahead!

  3. the never ending, multitasking mother guilt..gotta get one more thing finished thing...and you'll finish it
    I hope Em is feeling better...

  4. OMGosh, we waver on the same wave length. Its not an obligation, but a surrender to the need of someone else you love, putting their well being before your own soul that only needs a few morsels to say alive.

  5. boy, oh boy! that patina is rocking the house. i can't wait to see what this becomes. the becoming is the most amazing experience, isn't it? the not knowing what will work, and trying differnt things until it feels just right. no matter if you get this in the show or not there is a satisfaction to making something so personal and meaninful.

    i am here if you need to share.


  6. Your last paragraph was just beautiful, Mary Jane. This too shall pass.

  7. Love the components, the blue in those discs is incredible. You go forth...

  8. It's going to be wonderful...your right and left brain will be sure of that. :)

  9. Save some bliss for me. And thanks for posting the pictures of the daffadils. As you guessed we still have snow here. But we also have Swans. They are back in the valley. I almost drove off the road watching them with tears in my eyes. Completely awesome. Sending you some Swan bliss xx

  10. Awesome, awesome, awesome...
    you will always be a nurturer - and here is to also always being a bliss follower!


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