24 March 2011

magic moments

'this world, after all our science and sciences,
is still a miracle;
wonderful, inscrutable, magical and more,
to whosoever will think of it.'
~ thomas dekker

the little one asked me to come for a walk with him late this afternoon... as only my children do, he sensed the weight that was holding me down, he remembered it was my favorite kind of light and he shared with me his thoughts, his joy, his love... how lucky am i? 


  1. So sweet! Children teach us so much, don't they!? It amazes me. Take Care!

  2. you are the luckiest person in the world when you have the love of a child who senses your pain and wants to ease your suffering.

  3. That boy is very special, isn't he?
    You are both lucky - to have each other...

  4. that is wonderful!

  5. Hi Marie, children are our light our soul our life and just seem to know when we need them the most thanks for sharing such a special moment ttfn L:)

  6. What a blessing it is to have such a bond with your child, something that will never be broken.


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