29 April 2011

with gratitude ~

thank you to the people at beads 2011 for including me in their 'woodlands' section - p. 56-57... it is my honor to share those pages with friends like - beth hemila, leann weih, marianne (mak) kasparian, marsha neal, heather powers, mellisa essenburg , mary harding, cindy gimbrone... and naturally all of the others who are featured - i just don't know them all! (but i admire them)

thank you also to the people at iceresin for including me in their flickr fridays feature... that was very meaningful to me... 

so many things to be grateful for - and you, my friends who take the time to stop by during your busy days to read and maybe leave a comment, are some of those i value most... 


  1. congratulations..i'll have to find that magazine .your work is always wonderful

  2. Congratulations!!
    Its no mystery that you have been recognized and honored. There is an attraction to those of you that work with passion and curiosity and a hunger for knowledge and perfection. You are in good company. Birds of a feather, you know!
    xx, Carol

  3. congratulations MJ.. you deserve the recognition and honor for your stunning, unique and organic designs xo

  4. Congratulations - fantastic news! And so very deserved - your work is outstanding!

  5. Congratulations, Mary Jane! I have yet to see the issue. But feel pleased to be with you.

  6. Congrat's Mary Jane! I haven't seen this but will be sure to, your work is always incredible!

  7. it's just so wonderful to see you get the recognition you deserve-- good for you my friend! I am heading to a bookstore zoom to see your feature-- will I need to stand in line for your autograph?

  8. Doing the happy dance for you! Coming by here is so refreshing, grounding and calming....I have always admired your combination of words and jewelry....you are so talented!


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