09 July 2011


i am so honored to have been notified of my acceptance into the new jersey metal arts guild juried member exhibition called 'process'... 

my pull to this exhibition began with the title and then the goal of the show - to share what goes into the making of a piece of work... i almost didn't do it... i was packing and to my rational brain this was not what i was supposed to be doing... but it kept calling to me urgently, to the point that i was distracted beyond reason and almost heartsick at the thought of not bringing forth what had been gestating in my mind... while my hands moved surely through the process there was a great deal of anticipation - i was trying something new... 

'the creative process is a process of surrender,
not control.'
~ julia cameron

'the transformative power of tears' 



  1. Yay! It's a beautiful piece, Mary Jane, and you deserve the recognition. Congratulations!

  2. Congratulations - so deserved!!! This is an awesome piece - you could take this idea further...
    Love the quote.

  3. A lovely piece! Congratulations!

  4. The force from your Grandpa is at work, pushing you in the right direction, telling you to follow your heart.

    Congratulations, friend. Congratulations.
    xx, Carol

  5. Congratulations! What a heart felt piece of work. Life is a process, no? You so deserve this my friend.

  6. You definitely deserve this.... I am not surprised that you were accepted.... I knew you would be :o)


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