06 September 2011


humans and acorns
vary in size, shape and color
all contain greatness.


  1. Ahh, but look out. Acorns may fall only to be smashed under foot or tire or be buried alive by greedy squirrels.....another metaphor to remember!!.

  2. I've always loved the expression I heard as a child about the mighty oak growing from the tiny acorn.

  3. sigh...I think I am the one that's front center left.

  4. Very cool and very true. When I first saw this photo, i thought the little caps were handknitted! Incredible textures!

  5. beautiful haiku. wonderful sentiment. i have been wanting to make an acorn charm for some time and have finally done so. they represent so much to me. i have one that my daughter gave me years ago that travels in my car with me every day. possibility contained within.
    enjoy the day!
    erin xox

  6. Beautiful sentiment, Maire...... lovely. Wonder if you are getting more rain as we have been? Mold and mildew appearing in weird places, like my seagrass basket of CDS! YUCK! And I'm getting pelted by acorns falling on the metal roof from the big oak above... luckily I love oaks and the squirrels and blue jays that throw them at the roof!

  7. MD - even acorns are not the same!!! There is hope for we humans after all. Lets celebrate our similardifferentness. Go well and continue to create well. B


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