11 September 2011


grow still... 

'love is not consolation.
it is light.'
~ friedrich nietzche

spread it... 

remembering with great honor the victims of september 11... 

as surreal as ever... i cringe away from seeing the coverage replayed... we all remember where we were, what we did... living near to the city, i was attempting to call friends and family - to find out if they were ok... thankfully for me, they were (though none of the phone calls went through)... like so many, i know people who lost friends and family... i know someone who just made it out alive... i know people who experienced things they wish they hadn't... and i feel the deepest sorrow for those who grieve in the deepest, first person way...

i will never forget standing in front of my little tv in utter disbelief when the second plane hit... for that took the event to a whole different place... 'this cannot be real'... and when the towers began to come down... i think probably that so many of us could write at length about that day and those that followed... 

two of my kids were in school... people were rushing to take them out, but the schools wanted them to stay there... they felt they were safer... but no one knew, not really... 

the winds were blowing in such way that smoke was blowing past in the sky... and so i went to the beach, driving down roads that were eerily empty... i went to the beach, to look down the shoreline towards manhattan with my youngest child asleep in my arms... it was there that all doubt was erased... seeing the source of those columns of black smoke rising into the sky... i then knew that what was on television was absolutely, horribly real - 

from my home, we can see the tribute lights against the clouds or sky... it is raining today - but we will be waiting... and never forgetting... watching with so many others... 

and always with the hope that through shared pain and loss, unity may result... 

while we continue our journey towards peace - (thank you to barry smith for speaking what i left unspoken... )


  1. You've brought tears to my eyes.

  2. Beautifully written Maire, such an amazing thing to have happen. Seems like a bad dream. Riki

  3. Eloquently remembered, Maire. No one says it quite like you do.

  4. MD - thank you for your last line - to which I would like to add - and continue our journey for peace. B

  5. thank you for sharing that. you have a powerful way with words that speak the to soul.



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