03 September 2011

a week later

found on my walk -
the fragile strength of a bee's wing
the oak tree hidden inside of an acorn
the return to earth promised by rusted street sweeper's bristles

prevailing thought on life and after hurricane irene: grateful

saturday afternoon emily and i went to the boardwalk to check the building sea, view the preparations...

the winds blew, rains soaked, flooding occurred, tornadoes appeared... for us, power outages, flooding, fallen trees... lucky... water in my basement - grateful... i was so sorry to learn about the damage done in new england... how so many didn't (why would they?) have flood insurance... and so i hope that fema helps them... 

a view of the ocean side of the bridge at the inlet where the river i live on enters... the apartments across the street are 2 and 3 stories high... i believe this was taken by the bridge tender... 

thinking on kindness...

'it is a bit embarrassing to have been concerned 
with the human problem all one's life
and find at the end
that one has no more to offer by way of advice
than 'try to be a little kinder'.
~ aldous huxley

feeling the long exhale of autumn... the acorns are falling, the trees are indicating the approach of their imminent show, nights are cooling... 


  1. Whoa, that's quite some intense water... and, yes, we here (luckily not me) were slammed. My favorite village to go hang out and poke around shops was totally flooded and a quilt studio went sailing down the river.... roads are washed out here, everywhere there are cones and orange tape and closed roads. My parents on the coast however, faired much better!

    Beautiful words and patinas.....

  2. Today a parcel from New Jersey arrived here - and it was completely drenched with water. Someone at the post office had packed it into a plastic bag and then sealed it. When I opened the bag, a lot of water flowed out, followed by some sort of paper clay (the former box) and wet jewelry supplies.
    I'm wondering if it was Irene...

    Love the bracelet bars!

  3. Living in Florida we watched and waited..thankful and Nervous for the turn of Irene..Most of my family is in the Northeast...some evacuated,all lost power,some had flooding.some with trees down...and all..after the storm had passed..were filled with gratitude.Powerful photos Mary Jane...and beautiful metalwork.Hugs,Cat

  4. This gave me goose-bumps. My heart goes out to all effected by the storm. So horrendous. And sad. So much loss. So glad you are ok my friend!

    Lovely stamped pieces. Thank you for sharing.
    Blessings and hugs, Cindy

  5. Mother nature has sure been showing us who is boss! I am glad you were spared.
    Right now it is still a hot summer here...I can't wait for some crisp cool air...perhaps that will happen in November.

  6. MD - that is powerful - glad you were ok - feel sadness for those impacted. Glad VA is also OK - pretty huge when you have building floating down the river - reminds me of our floods over in SE Qld Jan - weather seems quite mad. Great little collection from your walk - lovely pieces are they parts of bracelets? Go well. B

  7. And so, still, for all of mankind's advancements, we are at the mercy of the powers of nature. Glad you are not harmed. Stunning pictures.

  8. Maybe mother nature is angry. Well, keep safe in there. Thanks for sharing your heart and those photos.

    Cassy from Video Guitar Lessons

  9. Be all that you desire. Run towards it and away from those things that cast a shadow over the sun of your nourishment. xx


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