27 October 2011


i am sure i am not alone when i tell you that just when i need to get down to putting some things together that function as adornment (as opposed to the fun i have when i build the focals, etc...) 

i get pulled in another direction... 

but i was also on the phone (which i usually am not) - so i didn't want to make noise (because hammering isn't really polite - though i admit a slipped a couple of times)... and i saw this copper tubing hanging on my board... and etching is quiet... 

so what if?

'all life is an experiment.
the more experiments you make
the better.'
~ ralph waldo emerson

and thank you barbara, for reminding me of where the tired brain had gotten the inspiration from... your book and a takrut i recently used in a necklace i made... 


  1. That's a lovely pattern! I'm looking forward to seeing what your experiment turns in to!

  2. I was wondering if tubing could be etched successfully. Obviously it can!! With stunning results! I have a lot of tubing...

  3. So beautiful, simple, and quiet...I love those stray tangential what ifs.

  4. This is beautiful, Mary Jane. There are a couple examples of etched tubing in my book ... it comes out so beautifully. This would look great with some patina!

  5. MD-Wow!! That is special - and you did that whilst talking on the phone!!! B


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