08 October 2011


i am honored to have a piece included in this show at kean university in union, nj which runs through october 21st... the talent in the guild is jaw dropping (thea clark, ken mc bain and others)... i was drawn immediately to the concept - we were asked to bring in photos and tools/materials related to our work... 

'the transformative power of tears'

i am done with neither this subject nor the technique... there are sketches in my book to push further... 

thank you to the njmag for the opportunity... 


  1. MJ- I can already tell - this is going to be fabulous! You are going to blow them away with this one - congrats on your place in the show. Totally well deserved!


  2. quite stunning ! and the all the tools, you could definitely do some damage with those. happy saturday. xx

  3. recognized for your skill, talent and creative process. what could be better? well, a million dollar sale would be better but hey, that just might be in your future!

  4. Oh my goodness. But that is one stunning piece of art! And truly what I would wear from you if given the chance. I wish that I lived near you to experience this exhibit first hand. And you so totally belong in this group. Don't shortchange yourself and your talent, Miss Mary Jane. It is from a deep well that you draw your inspiration and your ideas are outstanding. Relish it!
    Enjoy the day!

  5. MJ,you are one talented lady and you fit beautifully with this group. Congrats and good luck with the show. I can only imagine the wonderful things you have created!

  6. You definitely belong in this group!! I love that 'process' sign - do you have that sinus mandrel?

  7. Excellent MJ, it is already amazing! The sign is fabulous. Riki xo


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